12+ Best SMTP Servers For High Inbox Deliverability | Free & Paid

Are you searching for the best SMTP Server to send transactional and promotional emails that provide a high inbox deliverability rate?

Then, you’ve landed at the right place.

In this guide, we are going to compare top 12+ SMTP Services based on features, pricing, and deliverability.

Here is a short summary of the listed services, if you’re in a hurry.

Overview of the Listed Paid & Free SMTP Servers

Comparison Between the Best SMTP Service Providers

SMTP ServicesStarting PriceFree Plan/Trial
Brevo (Aka SendinBlue)$25/month for 10,000 emails9000 emails/month
(Forever Free Plan)
SMTP.com$25/month for 50,000 emailsN/A
Moosend$10/month for unlimited emails (Up to 1000 contacts)Unlimited emails
(Up to 1000 Subscribers)
SendPulse$8.85/month for 25,000 emails15,000 emails/month
(Up to 500 subscribers)
Pepipost$25/month for 150,000 emails30,000 emails for first month
(100 emails/day for free)
turboSMTP$14.95/month for 50,000 emails6000/month
(200 emails/day sending limit)
MailerSend$25/month for 50,00012,000/month
SendGrid$14.95/month for 50,000 emails100 emails/day
Amazon SES$0.10/1,000 emails62,000 emails/month
(For Amazon EC2 Users)
Mailify$69/month for 5,000 emails500 emails for 30 days
Mailgun$35/month for 50,000 emails 5,000 free emails per month for 3 months

Before jumping into the list, let’s understand:

What is SMTP Server?

An SMTP server, also known as Simple Mail Transfer Protocol Server is an application that is used to send, receive, and relay email between email senders and receivers.

Why Do You Require An SMTP Server?

If you have a website or online business, then you need to send emails to your customers for various reasons like:

  • To send welcome emails after user registration
  • Recover lost password
  • To send an email after order confirmation
  • To notify customers for new posts, comments, passwords, and a couple of other things.

There are many SMTP Services available in the market today. But the question is how to pick the best one for your business.

To help you choose the right SMTP Server, we’ve compiled a list of 12+ best SMTP Service Providers that will help you to run a successful email marketing campaign.

Without much ado, let’s take a deep dive into the list of SMTP Services.

1. Brevo (Formerly SendinBlue) – Best SMTP Server

First one in our list is Brevo. It is one of the best SMTP service providers which allows you to send transactional and promotional emails in bulk. It offers the highest delivery rate and ensures that your emails land in the customers’ inbox.

The most appealing feature of Brevo is that it can integrate with your email builder or any other software you may use. For integration, it provides a comprehensive API, an SMTP relay and a WordPress plugin.

Apart from this, Brevo also offers marketing automation, SMS marketing, list management, a live chat, landing pages, sign up forms and so on.

If you’re looking for a reliable SMTP solution that satisfies market demands and caters to strong support, Brevo is suitable for businesses of all sizes. The best thing about it is that it has a dedicated infrastructure to ensure that your email lands in the recipients’ inbox.

Benefits of Using Brevo:

  • Highest inbox deliverability rate.
  • Get digital marketing tools at one place including, email marketing, SMS marketing, Inbuilt SMTP, live chat feature, & a lot more.
  • Offers forever free plan for small businesses and new startups.
  • Affordable SMTP Server that starts from $25/mo.
SendinBlue - SMTP Service


Brevo offers a free trial to the users where they can send 300 emails per day to unlimited contacts (9000 emails in a month) for FREE.  If you want to send more than 300 emails in a day then, you have to upgrade your plan. Sendinblue have three flexible premium plans such as:-

Lite Plan – It includes A/B testing, no daily sending limit, remove Sendinblue logo, advanced statistics, email support, etc. The plan has several sub-tiers starts with 10,000 emails sending limit with a pricing tag of $25 and the final tiers offer 100,000 emails at the cost of $99.

  • $10,000 emails/mo – $25/month
  • $20,000 emails/mo – $39/month
  • $40,000 emails/mo – $54/month
  • $60,000 emails/mo – $69/month
  • $100,000 emails/mo – $99/month

Premium Plan – If you want advanced capabilities like landing pages, marketing automation, Facebook ads, multi-user access, telephone support, and so on. This Plan also has sub-tiers that starts with 20,000 emails sending limit with a pricing tag of $65 and the final tiers offer 1,000,000 emails at the cost of $599.

  • $20,000 emails/mo – $65/month
  • $40,000 emails/mo – $79/month
  • $60,000 emails/mo – $94/month
  • $100,000 emails/mo – $124/month
  • $150,000 emails/mo – $169/month
  • $250,000 emails/mo – $229/month
  • $350,000 emails/mo – $289/month
  • $500,000 emails/mo – $379/month
  • $750,000 emails/mo – $499/month
  • $1,000,000 emails/mo – $599/month
  • Enterprise Plan – If you want to send more than 1,000,000 emails in a month, you need a enterprise plan. To know the pricing details, you have to contact SendinBlue sales department.


  • A/B testing – Brevo provides A/B testing functionality with the help of which you can optimize your campaign for the highest engagement.
  • In-depth analytics – It includes depth analytics and tracking functionality to help you to read your customer mind. In this section, you can see user behavior on your every campaign such as open & click rates, unopened and much more.
  • List Segmentation – This SMTP Service allows you to segment your contact lists at very granular levels.
  • Easy to configure with only a few minutes of your time.

2. SMTP.com – Best SMTP Server for Transactional Emails

SMTP.com is a platform that caters to all your transactional, email relay and email delivery needs for a very affordable price. With over 22 years of experience, SMTP.com is regarded as one of the most trusted senders in the industry by ISPs. Based in Canada, SMTP.com has offices in the USA, England and Ukraine.  

SMTP.com is incredibly easy to set up. It can be integrated seamlessly into your current business system. If you need to migrate from another provider, SMTP.com makes it effortless. Customers love it as it is a lot less complicated than similar services like Amazon SES. A high delivery rate and data protection for inboxes make SMTP.com one of the best SMTP service providers in the industry. 


SMTP.com offers affordable delivery services and caters to all kinds of businesses. Their
plans range from $25 to $500 and above. The best part about this platform is that all the
features are available in all the plans.

The prices change only based on the volume of emails sent monthly. Even with the lowest price pack, users can get access to 24×7 customer support and all the SMTP tools. The Reputation Defender for list cleaning is an add-on feature available for all users.

Here is a rundown on the various plans they have:

Essential Plan – $25/month

This is an excellent solution for small businesses and startups. With this plan, you can send
50,000 emails per month. Here is what you get in this plan:

  • Shared IP
  • Email Relay API
  • Reliable Expert Support
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Reputation Defender (add on)
  • Access to all the SMTP tools
  • 50,000 emails per month

Starter Plan – $80/month

The starter plan works splendidly well for businesses that are looking to send 100,000 emails per month and also need a dedicated IP address.

  • Dedicated IP
  • Email Relay API
  • Reliable Expert Support
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Reputation Defender (add on)
  • Access to all the SMTP tools
  • 100,000 emails per month

Growth Plan – $300/month

This is the most popular plan at SMTP.com. It allows you to send 500,000 emails per month.
Aimed at businesses that are growing fast.

  • Dedicated IP
  • Email Relay API
  • Reliable Expert Support
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Reputation Defender (add on)
  • Access to all the SMTP tools
  • 500,000 emails per month

Business Plan – $500/month

This is for large-scale businesses that need to send about 1,000,000 emails a month. All the
other features are available as well.

  • Dedicated IP
  • Email Relay API
  • Reliable Expert Support
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Reputation Defender
  • Access to all the SMTP tools
  • 1,000,000 emails per month

High Volume Sender Plan – Custom Quote

The high volume sending plan has just been launched and is perfect for our users who need
to send 250 million emails per month. Apart from the usual features here is what you get:

  • A dedicated instance of the SMTP platform
  • A 100% dedicated IP and MTA
  • No shared mail queue
  • Dedicated and scalable API, callbacks/webhooks, notifications
  • On-demand statistics aggregation


  • Email API: Integrating SMTP.com with your business can be easy with the email API feature. They have complete API documentation on their website that can help you integrate your business in just 5 minutes.
  • 24×7 Customer Support: The round-the-clock support is one of the best features of SMTP.com. Support is available both on the website and also for paid customers. 24×7, all human support is available for all customers across all plans. No third party is involved and solutions are provided fast for easy implementation. Online chat supportis also available for those who are looking for more information about SMTP.com
  • High Volume Sending Solutions: This newly launched feature is great for those
    businesses who want to send more than 250 million emails a month. Customized
    quotations and solutions are available.
  • Reputation Defender: This is an add-on feature that helps clean up your email lists. It
    doesn’t need any integration but actively monitors your lists and provides a report.
  • 98% Delivery Rate And 99.99% Uptime: SMTP.com provides a managed delivery
    service. Not only do the customers get to use all the tools, but also, expert advice on
    their campaigns. They provide you with a dedicated account manager who helps you
    through every step of your journey.
  • Integrations With Third-party Apps and Services: With SMTP.com integrations with
    third-party apps and services are not just possible but amazingly easy too.

Overall, SMTP.com provides great value and service to all its customers irrespective of the
plans they have taken. It is easy to use and has a splendid delivery rate. If you are looking for
a service to boost your ROI from emails, ensure great deliverability and power your
transactional emails – SMTP.com should be your choice.

3. Moosend – SMTP Service Provider

Moosend is another best SMTP services that provides a world-class network to send transactional emails at lightning speed. Moreover, it can easily integrate with your website or the preferred application that you are already using.

It is a complete email marketing suite that offers marketing automation tool, CRM tools, list segmentation, landing pages, subscription forms, and so on.

The best characteristics of the SMTP Service is that it offers a top notch infrastructure and IP addresses to their users in order to protect your IP reputation.



  • Easy to use – It is very simple and easy to configure that anyone can do it without having any technical knowledge.
  • Email Tracking – Moosend gives an analytic report where you can track email campaign performance such as how many emails have been sent, how many of them get delivered, how many recipients have been opened the email, bounce rate, and more.
  • Drag & Drop Editor – It comes with initiative drag & drops editor with which you can create professional emails that 100% responsive and send it to your subscriber for Free.


Its free plan allows sending unlimited emails up to 1000 subscribers. Although, you can’t take the advantage of the SMTP service under the free plan.

Monthly Plans


Pay as you go – It is the best option for those senders who send emails occasionally.

Note: One credit means one email sent to one subscriber.

CreditsPrice Per emailCost

4. SendPulse – Best SMTP Provider

SendPulse has been playing in the email marketing industry since 2005. This SMTP service allows you to send transactional emails to your subscribers from the website, CRM, and other 3rd party applications using SMTP or API. 

Also, SendPulse urges you to verify your domain through SPF and DKIM records in order to improve the email delivery rate even more. Obtaining a dedicated IP address for email sending can also help you protect your sending reputation.

Moreover, It is a multi-channel marketing platform that consists of multiple marketing tools such as bulk email campaigns, web push notifications, SMS, Viber, and chatbots for messengers in a single system.

SendPulse - SMTP Service Provider


SendPulse offers 3 paid plans namely Basic, Pro and Enterprise. Apart from that, it has forever free plan that allows you to send 15,000 emails per month up to 500 subscribers for Free.

Basic Plan – It is the best plan for beginners which costs:

  • $8.85/month ($69.03 annually) – 25,000 email campaigns
  • $16.85/month ($131.43 annually) – 50,000 email campaigns

Pro – This is the most popular plan which charges you:

  • $74.85/month ($583.83 annually) – 100K email campaigns
  • $124.85/month ($973.83 annually ) – 2000K email campaigns
  • $174.85/month ($1,363.83 annually) – 300K email campaigns

Enterprise – If you have a large number of subscribers, then it is a perfect plan which charges:

  • $274.86/month ($2,260.83 annually) – 500K email campaigns
  • $572.85/month ($4,312.23 annually) – 1M email campaigns
  • $960.85/month ($7,915.83 annually ) – 2M emails campaigns 
  • $1,719.85/month (13,414.83 annually) – 5M email campaigns


  • Email Automation – It automatically sends transactional emails to customers when a specific event occurs. With it, you can connect with your customers at the right time. All you need to do is configure the setting and the rest things will be done by the software.
  • Multiple Communication Methods – Offers various communication methods such as email, SMS, Facebook Messenger, Viber, and web push notifications to connect with customers.
  • Key Metrics – SendPulse provides important key metrics where you can see the performance of each email campaign. These metrics will help you to improve your next email marketing campaigns.

5. Pepipost – Cheap SMTP Service Provider

Pepipost is yet another one of the best SMTP service provider which offers 5X faster email delivery service. It allows you to track and view the activity of all your email campaign which sent to a specific email address and keep it for 90 days.

It supports both SSL and TSL, which ensures that your connection and email content are secured while being sent.

Furthermore, to combat network latency, the Pepipost team has deployed SMTP servers in various locations around the world, including Singapore, New York, Frankfurt, Delaware, Bengaluru, and Mumbai, so that they can serve your email sending requests from the closest location.

Pepipost - SMTP Service Provider


Pepipost offers forever free plan that allows you to send 30,000 free emails for first 30 days after that 100 emails per day forever.

Moreover, The service has flexible pricing options that we mentioned below.

Emails/MonthPrice/MonthPrice/1000 extra emails
2,000,000+Contact sales team


  • Easy To Use – It is easy to use and scalable, with just few click you can send number of emails to your customers. And, the service can be integrated with all the platforms which you are already used.
  • Secure Application – SPF and DKIM are inbuilt functionality of Pepipost which reduce the risk of spoofing.
  • Get Deep Insight – This SMTP service provider allows you to track whether your email is sent or bounced, user opened or clicked on links, how many users unsubscribed or marked as spam and much more.

6. Google SMTP

Google’s Gmail SMTP is a reliable and completely free SMTP server that anyone can use, who has a Gmail account. All you need to do is just configure Google’s SMTP server setting, and you’re good to go.

It provides the highest deliverability to Gmail users. With Gmail SMTP, the chances of emails going to the spam folder are very low.

Integration –  It can be integrated with WordPress easily. Simply install the Gmail SMTP plugin from WordPress.org, activate it, and then configure it.

Free Gmail SMTP Server

As we all know, every free thing comes with its own limitations. Same as, Google SMTP allows you to send 2000 emails per day and 500 emails per day for trial accounts.

If you want to increase the daily sending limit then, you have to upgrade your plan. Visit the page to get pricing information.

Read the documentation to know more about the daily email sending limit.

7. MailerSend – Reliable SMTP Service

MailerSend is a new kind of transactional email service that shares the same DNA as the award-winning email marketing software, MailerLite, which has over 10 years of email deliverability expertise. 

You can optimize email sending from your apps and websites by integrating the MailerSend email API or using it as an SMTP email service provider. Advanced sending infrastructure together with clean IP addresses and authenticated domains ensure that your emails get delivered.  

Every plan (including the free plan) comes with 24/7 customer support powered by real experts who are happy to help you at every step.



  • Reliable SMTP server – Use Simple Mail Transfer Protocol when you want to quickly send emails using an Internet standard. MailerSend’s SMTP relay service manages the email delivery process so that you don’t have to maintain an email server.
  • Drag & drop template builder – Anyone in your team can create professional-looking transactional emails on their own. No coding required! Choose from a growing library of responsive email templates then customize them to match your brand.
  • Advanced personalization – You can personalize transactional emails on a mass scale to build stronger 1-to-1 customer relationships, then use no-code tools like Zapier to integrate emails with other web apps in your workflow.


MailerSend offers a free Trial plan where you can try all the features of the Free plan and send up to 100 emails per month. To get the most out of MailerSend, you can upgrade to a Free plan that lets you send up to 12,000 emails per month for free!

Free Plan

Emails Per MonthCostExtra Emails
12,000$0$1.00 per 1000

Premium plan

To save money as you send more emails, pick a Premium plan to match your monthly sending volume. In addition to all the features of the Free plan, you also enjoy multiple sending domains, 14 days of log retention, 24/7 live chat support, expert deliverability consultation, and easy user management.

Emails Per MonthCostExtra Emails
50,000$25$0.90 per 1000
100,000$55$0.80 per 1000
250,000$85$0.70 per 1000
500,000$225$0.60 per 1000
1,000,000$550$0.45 per 1000

8. SendGrid – SMTP Server for Bulk Emailing

SendGrid is a cloud-based SMTP service provider for bulk emailing that offers the highest inbox deliverability and comes with tons of features. It was founded in 2009 and, since then, it has grown constantly. You would be amazed to know that there are 80,000+ customers from all over the world who use SendGrid to send emails.

Moreover, it has email deliverability features such as email authentication, dedicated IP addresses, and reputation monitoring that help to improve your email delivery.

SendGrid - Best SMTP Server


SendGrid has 3 premium pricing plans respectively Essentials, Pro and Premier.

Free Plan – It has a forever free plan where one can send 100 emails per day for free.

Essentials Plan

  • $14.95/month for 50,000 email campaigns
  • $29.95/month for 100,000 email campaigns


  • $89.95/month for 200,000 email campaigns
  • $249.95/month for 300,000 email campaigns
  • $449/month for 700,000 email campaigns
  • $749/month for 1.5 Million email campaigns

Premier – To know the pricing quote, you need to contact them.


  • Advanced Statistics – It gives a comprehensive insight into each email campaign performance where you can see open, click, bounce, unsubscribe tracking, and a lot more.
  • Additional Web API – It has Web API which is very fast and add the functionality for handling IPs, email templates, user unsubscribes and much, much more
  • Email Design – SendGrid offers flexible design and HTML editing options to create professional responsive email campaigns in a matter of minutes.

9. Amazon SES – Cloud Based SMTP Server

Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) is arguably the most established and affordable SMTP service available in the world of email marketing. It is a cloud-based SMTP Server which is designed for all sizes of businesses. If you are looking for a reliable and cost effective service then, it could be a great option for you. There are many well-known businesses, such as Vodafone, Siemens, HBO, and others, that rely on Amazon SES.

Amazon SES - Cloud Based SMTP Server


Amazon SES offers free plan for Amazon EC2 users, where one can send 62,000 emails per month for Free. It charges you $0.10 for every 1,000 emails you send or receive.


  • Integration – Amazon SES can be integrated with other AWS services such as Amazon EC2, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Amazon SNS, , AWS IAM, Amazon S3, Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon Route 53 & Amazon WorkMail.
  • Incoming Emails – Amazon SES provides flexibility to receive email, you can control which email you want to accept, what to do with that email. Along with that, you can receive and reject emails on the basis domain name, email address and IP address.
  • Monitoring – With the help of the Amazon SES, you can monitor you email campaign performance, this SMTP server gives report on email camapaign which you have sent using Amazon SES. Yoc can see, opens, clicks, funnel bounces, complaints at a single dash.

10. Mailgun – Best SMTP Server for Mass Mailing

Mailgun is a reliable and best SMTP server by using you can send marketing and transactional emails to your entire contact list without having your email server. With this SMTP service, you will get 10,000 emails for FREE every month on the free plan.

It was created especially for developers and businesses. There are 225,000+ businesses that rely on Mailgun to send emails. And, on top of that, Mailgun has acquired Mailjet, which is widely regarded as one of the finest email marketing platforms.



Pay As You Go

Cost/MonthEmailsEmail Validations

Production – Under this plan, you will get 100,000 emails/1000 email validations, 15 Days of Log Retention,1 Dedicated IP and User Management by just paying $79.

Scale – For this plan, you would be charged $325 and you will get 500,000 emails/5000 email validation, 30 Days of Log Retention,1 Dedicated IP, User Management, and live chat and phone support.


  • Deliverability – This SMTP service use SPF, DKIM and DMARC to authenticate the domain name and ensure that your email lands in the customer inbox.
  • Track Email Campaign Performance – Get deep insight into your email campaign which is sent by Mailgun’s server and analyze each campaign performance like clicks, bounced, unopened and much more.
  • Email Validation – One of the most important feature which is offered by Mailgun i.e advanced email validation that help to increase your conversion. It checks all the email addresses are valid or not.

11. Mailify

Mailify is the latest SMTP service provider developed by Sarbacane which is a Europe based company. It has an intuitive drag & drop editor, which lets you design attractive emails in a matter of minutes. Moreover, it gives a precise report on your campaign performance which includes, delivered, opens, clicks, errors, and more. 



  • In addition to email marketing, it offers various other services including, SMS marketing, automation software, landing pages, CRM, sign-ups forms, etc.
  • Mailify’s artificial intelligence detects common errors in email addresses and fixes them. Also, it helps you to optimize the email template design, improve email deliverability, increase open and click rates, and a lot more.
  • Mailify’s automation technology makes your life easier by automating your certain marketing task. 


To get the pricing information, you need to create an account on Mailify. Also, they offer a 30-days free trial so you can explore each functionality of the software before investing your money into the premium plans.

12. Kingmailer

Kingmailer is popular because of their high inbox delivery. They are a transactional email only service, so not for bulk mail marketing. Transactional emails are emails like “abandoned cart notifications, sign up emails, password reset emails, forum notification emails” etc.

The service is perfect for WordPress / WooCommerce, and/or other e-commerce solutions, forums, membership sites, news sites, also good for routing emails.

It is a simple and yet a fully featured SMTP mail server, that offers their services at the cheapest price. The pricing starts at $5/mo.

What They Offer

Transactional EmailsYes
Bulk Mail MarketingNo


Kingmailer does not offer a forever free plan. You can however sign up for free and test the product. No credit card require to sign up. You get max 100 free emails for testing purpose. They also accept Bitcoin.


Custom plans – You can always contact Kingmailer for a custom plan and pricing.


Kingmailer offers real-time email analytics, that can help you troubleshoot if emails are not being delivered. It is easy to find out why and optimize your server. Kingmailer gives full log information. They offer SMTP API and HTTP API.

13. turboSMTP – SMTP Service for Email Marketing

turboSMTP is one of the world-leading SMTP services that allow sending newsletter campaigns directly to your user’s inbox. This is the only SMTP service provider that offers multi language customer support for  24/7 via email, ticket, phone & live chat to the customers.

Moreover, turboSMTP offers SMTP API for developers.

Turbo SMTP - SMTP Service

turboSMTP offers both pay as you go and monthly plans.

Free Plan – It provides free plan with 6000 emails/month up to 12 months (200 emails/day sending limit.)

Pay AS You Go

  • Silver – Pay $49 for 50,000 emails
  • Gold – Pay $92 for 100,000 emails
  • Resell – Pay $270 for 300,000 emails
  • Titanium – Pay $450 for 500,000 emails
  • Diamond – Pay $790 for 1,000,000 emails
  • Enterprise – Contact them to ask the price quote for more than 1,000,000+ emails.


  • Compatible with Mail Clients: It works with all the major mail clients whether it is free email software or a professional one.
  • Advanced Dashboard: With turboSMTP, you will get an advanced dashboard that shows you email campaign performances namely numbers of emails sent, delivered, opened, clicked, bounced, unsubscribed, and marked as spam. Furthermore, you can either download the report in CSV format or get the report right in your inbox.
  • Clean Email List: This SMTP service provider gives a complete package that will help you to clean your email list within the system. This tool will help increase your delivery rate by removing bounce, spam and unsubscribe email addresses.

14. Mailjet – Popular SMTP Service

Mailjet is a cheapest SMTP server that allows you to send marketing and transaction emails in bulk. It is easy to use server that configure in few seconds and integrate with send API for bulk mailing.



Mailjet offers forever free plan where one can send 6000 emails in a month (200 email per day). No credit card required.

Emails/Month30,000 60,000150,000450,000900,000

Enterprise Plan is a custom plan for high volume senders. For more information, you can contact Mailjet sales team.


  • Real-Time Analytics – Mailjet is one of the best SMTP server which detect the address delivery issues easily. This will help you to monitor all the activities, so you can figure out any issues as soon as they occurs.
  • Inbox Performance – All the transaction and marketing email which sent by Mailjet SMTP Server will be delivered in customer’ inbox.

15. Inboxroad – Best SMTP Server for Mass Mailing

One of the fastest-growing SMTP service providers, Inboxroad shakes up the email marketing scene by offering a unique and personal touch. Located in Amsterdam, Inboxroad meets all the criteria of an exceptional email marketing solution and then some. 


  • No restriction on subscriber number as pricing is based on monthly volume.
  • Basic Plan starts at $69 catering for 100,000 email sends a month.
  • Pro Plan charges you $139 for 250,000 emails/month and $229 for $500,000 emails/month.
  • Premium Plan costs $349 for 1 million emails.


  • Increased ROI thanks to a renowned track record for emails reaching recipient inboxes
  • A dedicated expert is assigned to overlook your account providing in-depth analysis that is more valuable than generic cookie-cutter software.
  • Weekly, hands-on, actionable advice sent to you created by your dedicated expert based on data insights to boost open rates and customer engagement.
  • Versatile connectivity to various front-ends and custom-made solutions.


I hope this blog will help you to find best SMTP Server for email marketing. Above mentioned all these services are reliable and cost effective. You can choose one of them and start sending emails to your customers.

All these SMTP Servers are:

  • Easy to configure
  • Offers highest inbox delivery rate
  • Flexible pricing options
  • Great customer support


Which is the best SMTP service provider?

We recommend you to go with Brevo, it is the best SMTP Server for small to large businesses. If you have a small business or new startup then you can opt one any of our two best SMTP Service recommendations: Brevo and SMTP.com

What is the best free SMTP server?

Sendinblue, Pepipost, and SendGrid are some of the best free SMTP services available on the market. 

How can I get a free SMTP server?

There are a lot of platforms, such as Sendinblue, Pepipost, SendGrid, that provide free SMTP services to send emails. All you have to do is just visit their official website, create an account, integrate SMTP and start taking advantage of their free services. However, the free version comes with monthly email limit.

How to configure an SMTP server?

There is no standard method for configuring your SMTP. Setting up your SMTP completely depends on the mail service provider you choose. However, the SMTP services offer documentation on how to configure an SMTP server.

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