6 Best Ubersuggest Alternatives With Free Trial (2022)

Are you having trouble with Ubersuggest and actively looking for Ubersuggest Alternatives?

Ubersuggest has been a boon to new bloggers, freelancers, and startups with basic SEO needs. I for one, in my early days of blogging, have heavily relied on Ubersuggest. But as my requirements grew, I figured out where Ubersuggest is lacking.

That is, Ubersuggest doesn’t have any technical & in-depth SEO features. Also, social media tracking and brand monitoring features are also missing. Hence, just like me and you, there are many experienced SEO professionals, bloggers, or SEO agencies who are considering Ubersuggest alternatives.

Now, with the availability of many “SEO Toolkits” or “SEO Modules”, it becomes challenging to pick an ideal Ubersuggest alternative.

What Are The Best Ubersuggest Alternatives?

Quick Overview of the Ubersuggest Competitors

AlternativesFree Trial/Free PlanStarter PlanUsers Ratings on Capterra
SE Ranking14-Day$39/mo4.8/5
SerpstatFree Plan$69/mo4.6/5
AhrefsPaid Trial at $7$99/mo4.8/5

So, in this blog, I will be laying out all 5+ best Ubersuggest alternatives for SEO & PPC campaigns. Hence, without diverting our focus, let’s dive in detail and explore all the alternatives –

List of Best Ubersuggest Alternatives of 2021 (Free & Paid)

1. Mangools

What if I tell you that the Ubersuggest alternative that I am going to mention now is an actual SEO swiss knife? That’s right, Mangools is a unified SEO platform that incorporates 5 different SEO tools.

After seeing such a unique approach towards SEO, many reputable companies like Adidas, Alexa, Airbnb, and more have opted Mangools. Furthermore, it has been widely recommended by top marketers also.

Mangools - Alternative to Ubersuggest

What Makes Mangools The Best Ubersuggest Alternative?

  • Mangools’s keyword analysis tool, KWFinder has a good reputation to find long-tail keywords with low search volume and easy keyword difficulty.
  • The second most used module of Mangools is its SERP analysis module. It has the potential to provide SERP insights of 50k locations.
  • Consequently, the rank tracking module is far better than that of Ubersuggest.
  • Apart from providing a complete website analysis, Mangools also has an efficient backlink tracker.
  • Unlike Ubersuggest and other Ubersuggest alternatives, Mangools is also available as a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox.


Mangools, just like other alternatives mentioned in this blog, has annual and monthly pricing plans. But the factor that makes it a better option is its 40% discount on yearly plans. And, of course, each of the plans offers all the features but with different limits.

  • Free Trial – Start with 10 days free trial to learn more about the software.
  • Basic – This plan would cost you $29.90/month (when billed annually) and it is suitable for freelancers, solo bloggers, or SEO experts.
  • Premium – Similarly, if you have a small team, this plan would suit you with its extended limits at the cost of $39.90/month (when billed yearly).
  • Agency – This plan stays true to its name and offers maximum value for agencies at $99.90/month (when charged annually).

2. SEMrush

SEMrush is one of the leading and frankly the best SEO toolkit I have ever come across. Not just me, there are 5 million other marketing and SEO professionals who also feel the same.

Talking about the feature set, SEMrush houses basic and highly advanced SEO tools that make it one of the best Ubersuggest alternatives. It is perfect for SEO agencies, high traffic blogs, or even eCommerce platforms.

SEMrush - Best Ubersuggest Alternative

What Makes SEMrush The Best Ubersuggest Alternative?

  • SEMrush has an extensive keywords research tool that also tells you about the keyword’s SEO difficulty level.
  • It also allows you to track the position of your blogs on SERPs in a better and accurate manner.
  • This alternative to Ubersuggest is also capable of tracking your site’s backlinks.
  • For PPC campaigns, Ubersuggest provides a CPC Map module that shows average CPC across areas, CPC vs search volume parameter, etc.
  • Also, in order to check the technical SEO health of your site, SEMrush comes with a site audit tool.


With regards to the paid plans of Ubersuggest, SEMrush has some expensive pricing plans. But every good thing has its own price and in the case of SEMrush, it is perfectly justified.

  • Free Trial – SEMrush offers 7 days free trial so you can explore it before switching to their paid plan.
  • Pro$119.95/month for the required SEO tools and features. It is ideal for freelancers and bloggers.
  • Guru – For small to medium businesses, the Guru plan is perfect as it comes at the price of $229.95/month. It includes some additional features like branded reports, historical data, etc.
  • Business – As the name suggests, this plan is great for big businesses, agencies, or eCommerce platforms. It has a price tag of $449.95/month and offers API, white-label reports, and integrations.

3. SE Ranking

SE Ranking is one of the best Ubersuggest alternatives that I could recommend to you. As per me, this tool offers all the SEO features and serves well to entrepreneurs, small-medium businesses, agencies, or enterprises.

This SEO tool was launched recently. And from then, it has managed to grow its clientele to 300,000 users. Also, in order to verify its claim about being the top SEO tool, you could see that it is one of the top-rated SEO software on several review-based sites.

SE Ranking - Best Alternative to Ubersuggest

What Makes SE Tanking The Best Ubersuggest Alternative?

  • Not only SE Ranking provides keywords research facility but it also offers a unique feature called Keyword Grouper. This amenity is not available in Ubersuggest and it allows you to segment and group precise keywords.
  • Unlike Ubersuggest, SE Ranking allows you to track your ranks on different search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, etc.
  • SE Ranking also allows you to monitor changes on your webpages and also on your competitors.
  • This software offers you the biggest database (2 Billion) of keywords. Hence, with so many keyword terms available, you would easily get plenty of related keywords suggestions.
  • One of the greatest features of SE Ranking is its mobile applications. It is available on App Store and Google Play for download, and hence, comes out to be superior to Ubersuggest.


After checking out SE Ranking’s feature set, you would be estimating that it would be expensive. Contrary to your thoughts, SE Ranking is extremely cheap and suitable for all sorts of digital marketers.

As of now, SE Ranking only offers monthly billing options. But to make it even more flexible, it offers daily, 3 days, or weekly ranking check frequency cycles. And, based on this, the 3 plans have dynamic pricing.

Just to give you a brief overview, I am going to list pricings for daily rank checking frequency.

  • Free Trial – SE Ranking offers 14 days free trial so you can test the software before switching to the paid plan.
  • Optimum – At $39/month, you can check ranks for 250 keywords, audit 10 websites, and other advanced features.
  • Plus – By paying $89/month, you’d be able to check rankings for 1,000 keywords and audit unlimited sites. Apart from this, you are also entitled to get social media analytics, white labeling, and other technical features.
  • Enterprise – Lastly, with the price tag of $189/month, you extend the rank checking limit to 2,500 keywords. This plan also includes API access along with all other features.

4. Serpstat

If you want your Ubersuggest alternative to be an all-in-one SEO platform then you should definitely start using Serpstat. Nearly 360,000 clients are already using it for their SEO & PPC campaigns.

In addition to this, the features of Serpstat have been developed in just a way that it is extremely easy to use and ideal for freelancers and small SEO teams. Hence, making it one of the viable Ubersuggest alternatives.

SerpStat - Ubersuggest Alternative

What Makes Serpstat The Best Ubersuggest Alternative?

  • The keyword discovery and research module is way more sophisticated than that of Ubersuggest. Also, the long term keywords discovered in Serpstat have accurate search volume.
  • Serpstat also allows you to identify your competitors and analyze their traffic and content strategy.
  • Unlike other Ubersuggest alternatives, Serpstat also provides you the ability to discover competitors in the paid search or PPC category.
  • It extends the position tracking feature from the country level to cities and even languages.
  • Serpstat is primarily known for its on-page SEO audit tool that would help you fix your technical SEO issue.


With so many advanced features to offer, Serpstat has managed to keep its pricing significantly affordable. Moreover, you will get additional discounts if you opt for the yearly billing option. Keep in mind, Serpstat offers all the features in each plan but with different usage or limits.

  • Free Plan – Serpstat comes with free plan with limited features. If you’re beginner then, you can go with their free plan.
  • Lite – This plan is suitable for a single user, freelancer, or blogger and comes with a price tag of $69/month.
  • Standard – By paying $149/month, you would be able to furnish the needs of your 3 team members.
  • Advanced – This plan allows you to add 5 team members and comes at $299/month.
  • Enterprise – Lastly, you can secure Serpstat access for 7 members at $499/month. Also, you would also get white-label, extended API limits, etc.

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5. Longtail Pro

At this point in the blog, we have discussed all the softwares that offers a complete SEO toolkit. But what if you’d just want the keywords research tool? In that case, you should start using LongTailPro.

As the name suggests, LongTailPro is only a keywords research and tracking application. Despite this, it is classified as an ideal alternative to Ubersuggest’s keyword analysis module.

LongTailPro - Best Ubersuggest Competitor

What Makes LongTailPro The Best Ubersuggest Alternative?

  • The team at LongTailPro provides training on keywords research which ensures that you know how to properly research for keywords.
  • The keywords discovered and analyzed using LongTailPro have 3 different difficulty levels. This helps in constructing your content marketing strategy.
  • LongTailPro also possesses an in-built competitor research feature that analyzes competitors on 13 metrics.
  • It is the only alternative to Ubersuggest that provides you an estimate of keyword profitability.
  • Also, just like many other alternatives mentioned in this blog, this tool also has a rank tracking feature.


Since LongTailPro only offers keywords research features, you should be confident about its efficacy. Having said that, the pricing plans are inexpensive and available at monthly & yearly billing options.

  • Starter – This plan would cost you $25/month (when charged annually) and offers 800 keywords lookup in 1 day.
  • Pro – At $45/month (with annual billing), you’d get 2,500 keywords lookup in 1 day.
  • Agency – Similarly, at the price of $98/month, the keywords lookup limit is increased to 6,000/day.

6. Ahrefs

There’s no list of keywords research tools, backlink checkers, or SEO toolkits that would not feature Ahrefs. This popularity and also its performance have earned a spot in this Ubersuggest alternatives blog too.

If you don’t know about Ahrefs (which I highly doubt), allow me to tell you that it is one of the leading SEO tools in the digital marketing arena. Consequently, it has managed to generate a huge clientele that includes Facebook, Adobe, Linkedin, Netflix, Uber, and many more.

Ahrefs - Ubersuggest Competitor

What Makes Ahrefs The Best Ubersuggest Alternative?

  • The competitive analysis feature of Ahrefs is so advanced that it is able to tell you about your competitor’s organic traffic, ranking keywords, and paid traffic.
  • If you have any complaints with the Ubersuggest keyword research tool, Ahrefs’ keywords explorer feature won’t disappoint you a single bit. On contrary to Ubersuggest, Ahrefs offer 1000s of keywords suggestions.
  • Ahrefs is one such tool that allows you to set alerts for your website or for your competitors.
  • This software offers a free backlink checker that is known to be the most accurate among all backlink checker tools.
  • Ahrefs is infused with a desktop and mobile rank tracking feature that tells you about your performance via insightful graphs.


I would be completely honest with you by saying that Ahrefs pricing is a bit expensive. It is certainly not for freelancers or new bloggers. With that being said, if you are an SEO agency or medium to big business. Ahrefs is going to revolutionize your SEO game.

While the pricing is available at monthly and yearly billing cycles, you can completely explore Ahrefs for 7 days by paying $7.

  • Free Trial – Ahrefs doesn’t offer free trial, but you can get paid trial at $7 for 7 days before investing your money into it.
  • Lite – By paying $99/month, you’d get 1 user access and 5 projects.
  • Standard – At a monthly charge of $179, you’d still get 1 user access but the project limit will increase to 10.
  • Advanced – This plan would grant 3 user access and 25 projects limit at $399/month.
  • Agency – If you want 100 projects limit and 5 user access then you’d have to pay $999/month

Wrapping Up

There you go..!!

These are the 5+ best Ubersuggest alternatives for SEO & PPC campaigns that you can start using.

Although, I would like to tell you that in order to make a better decision, you should sign up for their free trials.

And, once you have practically explored each of the alternatives to Ubersuggest, you would be ready to make the switch.

As always, feel free to let me know if you have any more queries regarding these tools. I would be glad to help you out.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Ubersuggest?

Ubersuggest is one of the latest SEO tools that is known for its free keywords research and keyword generation feature. It was recently acquired by the world’s renowned digital marketer, Mr. Neil Patel, and developed it from just a Google Suggest term scrapper to a decent SEO tool. Apart from keyword generation tool, Ubersuggest also provides traffic overview, backlink analysis, competitor analysis, site audit, and content idea generation tool.

What is the best Ubersuggest alternative?

Mangools and SE ranking are the best Ubersuggest alternatives as they are offering all the SEO tools under one platform at an affordable price.

Is Ubersuggest Paid?

Keeping free users in mind, it serves as an adequate SEO tool with a few limitations in the free plan. But if your requirement increases, Ubersuggest allows you to scale it by allowing you to subscribe to its premium plans, starting at $27/month.

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