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Do you want to switch from Constant Contact and searching for the best Constant Contact Competitors?

Constant Contact is one of the oldest email marketing services, founded in 1995 by Ranky Parker.. In 2006, it was purchased by EIG (Endurance International Group). Ever since, they developed their services and start providing various services such as email marketing, website builder, logo maker, etc. under one platform.

Why do you need to look for Constant Contact Competitors?

No platform is perfect for everyone, Every software comes with their pros and cons. Here are some shortcoming that makes you to look for Constant Contact alternatives.

  • Expensive as compared to other competitors as it costs you $20 for 500 subscribers.
  • Lack of automation features which you can find in other email marketing tools.
  • It doesn’t have RSS email functionality
  • Basic email reporting

I have outlined 5+ Best Constant Contact alternatives in the blog so you can find the best one for your business. Below mentioned services offer free trial or free plan so you can try them out before upgrading to the paid plans.

Comparison of Best Constant Contact Competitors

AlternativesFree PlanPrice
9000 Emails/mo
(300 Emails/day)
(10000 Emails to
Unlimited Subscribers)
Unlimited Emails
(Up to 500 Subsbcribers)
Unlimited Emails
(Up to 10000 Subscribers)
Unlimited Emails
(Up to 1000 Subscribers
Unlimited Emails
(Up to10000 Subscribers)
12000 Emails
(Up to 1000 Subscribers
Unlimited Emails
(Up to10000 Subscribers)
(Free Trial)
Unlimited Emails
(Up to10000 Subscribers)
(Free Trial)
Unlimited Emails
(Up to10000 Subscribers)
1,000 emails/mo
(Up to 500 subscribers)
2,500 emails
(Up to 1,000 subscribers)

Top 7 Best Constant Contact Competitors

To learn more about the Constant Contact alternatives, let’s dig deep into the list one by one:

1. Sendinblue

Sendinblue is a France based email marketing solution that has been playing in the email marketing industry since 2012 and growing rapidly. In addition to email marketing, it started offering SMS marketing, transactional services, live chat tool, etc. under one platform.

One of the best things about Sendinblue is you will get all the digital marketing tools at one place – that too at an affordable price. Therefore, Sendinblue becomes the best alternative to Constant Contact.

Sendinblue - Best Constant Contact Competitor

What Does Sendinblue Offer?

  • To create eye catching emails, it offers simple and easy to use drag & drop editor. Also, you will get pre-built email templates on different niches so you can pick one and customize them as per your need.
  • Whether you need to send transactional emails or promotional emails, Sendinblue ensures that your email will hit into the customer’s inbox.
  • Automate your whole email marketing process with advanced automation tool.
  • Create dedicated landing pages for your campaign.
  • It lets you create custom forms that you can integrate in your site to grow your email list.
  • With Sendinblue, you can launch Facebook ads right from your Sendinblue account. Moreover, you can retarget your visitors as well. Just setup rule and define your budget and start converting your visitors into a customers.

Sendinblue Pricing

They have four plans namely – Forever Free Plan, Lite, Premium, and Enterprise plan. Moreover, Sendinblue lets you store as many contacts as you have throughout all the plans (Both Free & Paid).

Sendinblue will charge you on the basis of emails whereas Constant Contact will charge on the basis of subscribers.

  • Forever Free Plan (9000emails/month) – It offers a forever free plan that is a really good option for the beginners and startups. With Sendinblue’s free plan, you can actually grow your business and switch to the premium plan when financially you can to do so.
  • Lite Plan – You can remove the daily sending limit by paying $25/month and increase it to 10,000 emails. The subsequent tiers in this plan offer sending limits of 20,000, 40,000, 60,000, and 100,000 emails per month at the cost of $39, $54, $69, and $99 per month respectively.
  • Premium Plan – Although, if you want to use other advanced features like marketing automation, landing page builder, Facebook ads, etc. then you can opt for this plan.
    It has several sub-tiers that start with 20,000 emails sending limits with the price tag of $65/month. There are several sub-tiers under this plan. The final tier offers 1,000,000 emails sending limit at the price of $599/month.
  • Enterprise Plan – For higher email sending needs i.e. above 1,000,000 emails in a month, Sendinblue requests you to get in touch with them for custom pricing.

2. SendPulse

Second, in the list of Constant Contact Competitors is SendPulse. It is an all-in-one communication tool that offers numerous communication options including, email, web push, SMS, messenger, chat bots, etc to reach your customers. It seamlessly integrates with your CMS, CRM, eCommerce, and other applications.


What Does SendPulse Offer?

  • Use ready-made email templates and customize the content or color as per your business requirement or create an email campaign from scratch using drag & drop builder.
  • Its automation 360 lets you scheduled promotional emails and set up automated transactional emails that trigger when certain conditions are met.
  • Recently, they added an email verification feature that checks each email address whether it is valid or not.

SendPulse Pricing

SendPulse comes with a free plan which lets you send unlimited emails up to 500 subscribers.

If you have more than 500 subscribers, then you can switch to their paid plans. There are Subscription and Pay as you go offered by SendPulse.

Monthly Subscription (Based on the Subscribers)

Number of SubscribersPrice/month Price/month (Billed Yearly)
Up to 1000$12/month$8.4/month
Up to 5000$35/month$24.5/month
Up to 10,000$53/month$37.1/month
Up to 20,000$90/month$63/month
Up to 50,000$191/month$133.7/month

Pay As You Go (Based on the emails)

Numbers of EmailsPrice

3. Moosend

Another well-known Constant Contact competitors on the list are Moosend. It is a great all-in-one marketing tool for NGOs, small businesses, and non-profit organizations. It is packed with a lot of advanced features like advanced automation tools, lead generation tools, and advanced analytics.

What Does Moosend Offer?

  • It allows you to design, personalize, and segment your email campaign without having coding knowledge.
  • Moosend’s powerful reporting feature tracks all your recipients moves which helps you to learn more about your recipients behaviour so that you can make your next plan accordingly.
  • It can be integrated with 3rd-party application such as CMS, CRM, lead generation tools, list validation services, and many more.

Moosend Pricing

Forever Free Plan (Unlimited email up to 1000 subscribers): Moosend’s free plan grants access to its core feature free of cost. As it can be a good option for the newbies and small businesses who have no budget to invest in it

Pro Plan: It is the most popular plan which lets you send unlimited emails from 1500 to 200K subscribers.

Number of SubscribersPrice/month Price/month (Billed Yearly)
Up to 1500$10/month$8/month
Up to 5000$30/month$24./month
Up to 10,000$55/month$44/month
Up to 25,000$125/month$100/month
Up to 50,000$205/month$164/month
Up to 100,000$390/month$312/month

Enterprise Plan: It is a custom plan, you have to contact them to get a pricing quote.

4. MailerLite

MailerLite is another youngest Constant Contact competitor that offers a simple and neat room to design email templates. To use this software, you don’t require any technical knowledge and expertise. Just drag & drop the required block that you want to add to the template and customize the color, font styles & size as per your need.


What Does MailerLite Offer?

  • It lets you design a newsletter using a drag & drop editor, rich-text editor, and custom HTML editor. Also, they have pre-made attractive newsletter templates that you can make your own by adding content, images, and changing font and color.
  • With MailerLite, you can design a website using its website builder, create custom landing page embed forms and popups to generate more leads.
  • Optimize your email campaign using A/B split testing, and auto-resend features.
  • Its report shows activities and subscriber’s engagements with your campaign. The report contains all the important metrics including, spam complaints, link activity, unsubscribe count, bounces, and many more.

MailerLite Pricing

Get started with a 14-days free account to try drag & drop, automation, and other premium features.

Number of SubscribersEmails Price/month (Billed Yearly)

5. GetResponse

GetResponse is customizable online marketing and automation tools for online marketer, entrepreneur, marketing managers, mid and large size organizations. It could be a great alternative to Constant contact if you’re looking for cheapest one.


What Does GetResponse Offer?

  • Create stunning and responsive email campaign using its drag & drop email creator. Also, in-built photo editor allows crop & edit images, change the colour, and apply filter and make your campaign professional.
  • Segment your contact list based on subscriber’s behaviour and interest and send personalised & targeted emails which increase your conversion rate.
  • GetResponse has integrated Webinar software that allows you connect with your audience . It lets you customize the webinar URL, has flexible scheduling options so that you can create a webinar in a matter of minutes.

GetResponse Pricing

To learn more about GetResponse premium plans’ features, you can sign up in any plan and try out 30-days for free before upgrading your plan.

GetResponse has offered four plans namely Basic, Plus, Professional, and Max.

Number of SubscribersBasicPlusProfessional

6. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is not just email service provider it is more than that as it offers various services such as lead management functionality, sales management, and CRM features in their higher plans.

If you’re looking for advanced solution then, ActiveCampaign is the best Constant Contact alternative.


What Does Active Campaign Offer?

  • To create an email template, you need to upload your email list first.
  • Advanced list segmentation feature lets you segregate on the basis of Geolocation, organization type, industry, people who open your email, interest, subscribed date, product purchased, and more.
  • It has drag & drop automation builder that automate your workflow in a matter of minutes.

Active Campaign Pricing

Number of SubscribersLitePlusProfessionalEnterprise
25,000$205$319$479Contact them
50,000$275Contact them

8. EngageBay

EngageBay is a full-fledged marketing automation software. Its affordable pricing and feature-rich ‘Bays’ make it an excellent Constant Contact alternative. 

This award-winning software is loved by over 30,000 businesses worldwide, and features advanced automation, email marketing, workflow builders, deal pipelines, ticketing systems, integrations, and more.


What Does EngageBay Offer?

  • EngageBay offers an intuitive drag-and-drop landing page and email form builder. To build a visually appealing landing page, you can quickly add headers, images, CTAs, links, and more. EngageBay also has a library of prebuilt templates that can be customized to suit your needs.
  • A/B testing lets you test out each element in your forms and pages, including CTAs, image placements, headings, and links, and see which version performs the best. Use A/B testing to reduce bounces and increase engagement. 
  • EngageBay’s segmentation tool lets you segregate your audience based on demographics, age, income, purchase patterns, and even custom rules. You can then send out personalized email campaigns to these lists. 
  • EngageBay offers a dashboard with dozens of insightful metrics to help you gauge your campaign performance. You can also add custom reports. 
  • It has a sound collection of integrations, too. You can connect with Zapier, Shopify, QuickBooks, Stripe, AWS, and more. 
  • Both Android and iOS applications are available. 

EngageBay Pricing

EngageBay has four plans — Free, Basic, Growth, and Pro.

  • Free: The forever-free plan offers 500 contacts and 1,000 emails a month for up to 15 users. This plan is great for companies and small businesses that are just starting out. Here, you get email broadcasts and sequences, predictive lead scoring, landing page builder, and more.
  • Basic: This plan costs $12.99 a month for 1,000 contacts and 2,500 branded emails, in addition to all the features included in the Free plan. 
  • Growth: This is the most popular plan and costs $29.99 a month for 20,000 contacts and 20,000 emails. You get custom domains for landing pages, A/B testing, automation workflows, and more.
  • Pro: The Pro plan costs $49.99 a month for 30,000 contacts and 30,000 emails and is perfect for larger companies. You get web analytics, role management, custom reporting, conversational inbox, dedicated account management, uptime SLA, SSO, and more.

You also get a 20% discount on annual subscriptions and a 40% discount on biennial subscriptions.

Which is the best Constant Contact Competitors?

I would say Sendinblue and SendPulse because both email marketing tools offer various services under one platform – that too an affordable price.

Also, both services offer the Forever Free Plan for beginners or startups who don’t have a budget.

You can also try each service at your end as they have a free plan or free trial. So, you can choose the right software for your business.

Are there any other Constant Contact Competitors that deserve the place in the blog? Please let me know using the comment section below.

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Thanks in Advance 🙂

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