7 Best SiteGround Alternatives: 2020 (Cheapest Competitors)

Are you on the hunt to find the best SiteGround alternatives?

As surprising as it may sound for others but believe me, just like you there are many people who are searching for a decent SiteGround alternative.

“Why” – You ask?

Well, because it restricts you on CPU seconds/execution in spite of offering unmetered data transfer.

In simple terms, if you have a website with huge traffic, your site visitors will cause CPU executions. So when your site exceeds the “suitable number of monthly visits”, SiteGround will impose a limit on its web service.

Meaning, you might have problems accessing your site. And so do your visitors.

Trouble in accessing a site means a decline in its growth.

Nobody wants that..!! Hence it is highly logical and wise to explore SiteGround Competitors.

So, in this blog, I am going to list down 5+ SiteGround alternatives to consider in 2020.

Quick Comparison Between the SiteGround Hosting Alternatives

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(per month)
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But before that, if you are a beginner allow me to enlighten you first about –

What Is SiteGround? And, Is SiteGround The Best?

SiteGround is one of the leading hosting service providers. Having started in 2006, it has developed itself to become the top-rated hosting service.

Also, SiteGround is one of the two hosting services recommended by WordPress itself. So if you want to host a WordPress-based website, SiteGround is the best option.

Apart from offering managed WordPress hosting, SiteGround also offers web hosting, cloud hosting, email hosting, and domain registrations.

Now coming to the second question – “is SiteGround the best?”… Yes absolutely.

SiteGround thrives in offering blazing fast hosting services with 99.99% uptime and 673 ms response time.

As mentioned earlier, there are a plethora of hosting options including web hosting, cloud hosting, managed WordPress, etc.

With so much awesome stuff to offer and in spite of being officially recommended by WordPress.

Trust me, SiteGround is the best hosting service for websites with low to medium traffic.

Why do you need to look for SiteGround Alternatives?

Earlier, their services were extremely cheap. For the lowest hosting plan, you had to pay only $3.95/month. But now they increased their pricing and the starter plan will charge you $6.99/mo, which is expensive as compared to other alternatives.

Another reason when your traffic starts growing, SiteGround may not be an ideal choice. Because it offers limited web space and let you manage limited visitors in their each plan.

Without wasting any more time, allow me to educate you more about the best alternative to SiteGround in detail.

1. Bluehost

Since SiteGround was one of the two recommended hosting services by WordPress, it would be unfair to miss out on the second one i.e. Bluehost. This makes Bluehost literally one of the best SiteGround alternatives.

If you are unaware, Bluehost is one of the oldest hosting services available to us. You’d be amazed to know that over 3,000,000 websites are hosted on Bluehost.

All thanks to its top-notch performance. Just like SiteGround, Bluehost also has a whopping uptime record of 99.99%. But here it gets interesting – the minimum response time for Bluehost is 405 ms.

Bluehost - Best SiteGround Alternative

Why Bluehost Can Be A Better SiteGround Alternative?

  • Bluehost offers a plethora of hosting options like shared & managed WordPress, shared web, VPS, dedicated, etc.
  • The stuff that also makes Bluehost an ideal SiteGround alternative is the freebies upon signing up. For example, SSL certificate, domain registration, WordPress installation, etc.
  • It also offers Microsoft Office 365 email accounts that can be used with your own domain.
  • Bluehost also has a special affinity for WordPress. Hence it offers free installation and updates to its users.
  • Another great reason to opt for Bluehost is its cheaper pricing plans. The Shared WordPress hosting plan starts at just $3.95/month.

Bluehost Pricing Overview

Since Bluehost has many options for hosting services, it would be tedious and confusing to list them all. Having said that, I would still briefly talk about them. Mind you, all the hosting plans are suitable for low to high traffic volume.

  • Shared WordPress Hosting – The first plan of this hosting starts at $3.95/month for 1 website. After this, the next plans will cost you $5.95/month and $6.95/month for unlimited websites and advanced features.
  • Shared Web Hosting – This plan too starts at $2.75/month for 1 website. But it has three more subsequent plans for unlimited websites that cost $4.95/month, $6.95/month, and $13.95/month.
  • VPS Hosting – Bluehost offers one of the best VPS hosting services. It starts at $19.99/month. Followed by this, there are a couple more plans that would cost you $29.99/month and $59.99/month.

2. GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks is the cheapest alternative to SiteGround as it charges you $2.95/mo for WordPress hosting. In addition to this, it renders you VPS, Shared, and Reseller hostings with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

It is the fastest and eco-friendly web hosting that has been working in this industry since 2008. They have data centers in different countries such as Amsterdam, Toronto, Montreal, Phoenix, and Chicago.


Why GreenGeeks Can Be A Better SiteGround Alternative?

  • Unlike SiteGround, it provides a free domain name registration and domain transfer for the first year.
  • If you want to switch your web hosting to GreenGeek, it will offer a free migration service.
  • GreenGeeks’ support team is available 24/7 to assist you via live chat, ticket, or phone.
  • Moreover, it provides 99.9% uptime, unlimited web spaces, free CDN, unlimited email accounts, LSCache, automatic backup after 24 hours, and a lot more.

GreenGeek Pricing Overview

WordPress Hosting Plans

  • Lite – $2.95/mo
  • Pro – $5.95/mo
  • Premium – $11.95/mo

Reseller Hosting Plans

  • RH-25 – $29.95/mo
  • RH-50 – $39.95/mo
  • RH-80 – $59.95/mo

Managed VPS Hosting Plans

  • 2GB – $39.95/mo
  • 4GB – $59.95/mo
  • 8GB – $109.95/mo

3. WP Engine

Now, coming towards premium SiteGround alternatives, no other hosting services can compete against WP Engine. It offers the best managed WordPress hosting services.

Talking about the performance, WP Engine is the only hosting service that guarantees 100% uptime. Not just this, but the minimum response time of WP Engine is 441 ms.

However, unlike other SiteGround alternatives, WP Engine offers only one type of hosting service i.e. managed WordPress hosting. Since they focus on just one hosting service, it means they are extremely great. Hence 500,000+ business owners have chosen WP Engine.

WP Engine

Why WP Engine Can Be A Better SiteGround Alternative?

  • WP Engine offers a top-notch and reliable hosting service for WordPress based sites that has higher traffic volume.
  • If you opt for WP Engine, you are also entitled to get all the 35+ premium StudioPress themes for free.
  • Apart from this, WP Engine also offers some advanced features for free. For example, the Genesis framework, CDN, SSL certificates, etc.
  • WP Engine uses Google Cloud server in its infrastructure. This ensures great uptime for your website.
  • One of the most important features that make WP Engine a prime SiteGround alternative is its 24×7 live chat support.

WP Engine Pricing Overview

Despite offering only managed WordPress hosting, WP Engine has managed to cultivate flexible pricing plans. You’d be amazed to know that it offers 6 plans at monthly subscriptions. Here’s a brief overview –

  • StartUp – $25/month for 1 website with 25,000 monthly visits.
  • Growth – $95/month for hosting 10 sites with 100,000 visitors.
  • Scale – $241/month for up to 30 sites and 400,000 monthly visitors.
  • Premium – For hosting up to 50 sites with 700,000 monthly visitors, you’d have to pay $368/month.
  • Premium 1 – Similarly, to host 100 sites with 1 million visitors, you’d be charged $552/month.
  • Premium 1.5 – Lastly, for even higher traffic sites (up to 115) i.e. 1.5 million, you’d be charged $828/month.

In addition to this, there are many basic and advanced features in each of the WP Engine’s plans.

4. Kinsta

Kinsta is another premium service that has offered WordPress hosting services for the past 10 years. Hence, because of this experience (and other features), Kinsta automatically qualifies to be one of the top SiteGround alternatives.

Speaking about the performance, Kinsta has the best minimum response time i.e. 398 ms. However, the uptime record is at a respectable number i.e. 99.90%.

After noticing such great performance, many high-end businesses like Intuit, Buffer, TripAdvisor, Flippa, etc. have opted for Kinsta as their hosting service.

Kinsta - SiteGround Alternative

Why Kinsta Can Be A Better SiteGround Alternative?

  • Kinsta is an ideal alternative to SiteGround as it can migrate your website from SiteGround for free.
  • It obsesses over speed. Hence, Kinsta uses the latest technologies and infrastructures like Nginx, PHP 7.4, Maria DB, etc. to make your site fast.
  • Just like other hosting services, Kinsta follows extreme measures like DDoS detection, firewalls, etc. to keep your site secure.
  • Kinsta uses Google Cloud platform along with its 22 data centers to further enhance website loading time.
  • Apart from this, you are entitled to get backups, updates, CDN, database optimization, SSL certificates, etc. for free.

Kinsta Pricing Overview

Just like WP Engine, Kinsta is prominent in providing WordPress hosting services. Since they specialize in a single hosting service, it means that they offer plenty of flexible hosting plans. This is what makes Kinsta as the top SiteGround alternative.

  • Starter – This is the basic plan of Kinsta that allows you to host 1 WordPress website with 20,000 monthly visitors, 10 GB storage, etc. at the cost of $30/month.
  • Pro – Next, this plan would cost you $60/month to host 2 sites with 40,000 monthly visitors, 20 GB storage, etc.
  • Business 1-4 – There are 4 business plans that start at $100/month for 5 sites and end at $400/month for 40 sites.
  • Enterprise 1-4 – Lastly, the Enterprise plan is also divided into 4 internal plans starting at $600/month for 60 sites. The last plan would cost you $1,500/month for hosting 150 sites.

Besides this, there are many advanced features included in each plan.

5. HostGator

HostGator was the top domain registrar a few years ago. But with constant development, HostGator has emerged as the top hosting service provider in the market.

After seeing such exponential growth of HostGator, it was almost certain to include it in the list of SiteGround alternatives.

If you think that I am bluffing then allow me to tell you about its recent performance. The uptime of HostGator is recorded as 99.99% with 399 ms as minimum response time. Isn’t this amazing?


Why HostGator Can Be A Better SiteGround Alternative?

  • Out of all SiteGround alternatives mentioned here, HostGator has the widest range of hosting services. This includes web hosting, WordPress, cloud, VPS, reseller, dedicated, Windows hosting, etc.
  • Because of its performance, HostGator has been awarded as the best web hosting for WordPress by PC Magazine, HostingAdvice and WPBeginner.
  • If you opt for HostGator, it will also provide you a drag & drop website builder. Not to forget, it works well with many themes as well.
  • HostGator can be an ideal SiteGround alternative as it will migrate your website from SiteGround to HostGator for free.
  • In addition to offering 24×7 support and 45 days money-back guarantee, HostGator also offers many free features like free SSL certificates, domain registration, etc.

HostGator Pricing Overview

Since HostGator has a plethora of hosting services, I won’t be exploring them in detail. Having said that, I would gladly give a brief overview of each of them.

  • Shared Web Hosting – There are 3 plans under this category namely Hatchling, Baby, and Business. The Hatchling plan would cost you $2.75/month for 1 website. The Baby plan would charge you $3.95/month for hosting unlimited sites. And, so does Business plan at $5.95/month but with a dedicated IP address.
  • WordPress Hosting – If you require 2.5X speed and advanced features, this hosting is for you. This hosting type also has 3 plans that cost $5.95/month, $7.95/month, and $9.95/month and offers hosting for 1, 2 and 3 websites respectively.
  • VPS Hosting – If you are looking for dedicated control, the VPS hosting is for you. The Snappy 2000 plan would cost you $19.95/month, Snappy 4000 – $29.95/month and Snappy 8000 – $39.95/month.

There are many more hosting services available with HostGator. And, each hosting offers many basic to advanced features.

6. A2 Hosting

If your SiteGround alternative is supposed to be the fastest hosting service available in the market then opt for A2 Hosting.

The recent performance number for A2 Hosting is off the charts. The uptime is 99.93% with minimum response time as 317 ms.

Apart from offering speedy hosting services, A2 Hosting is also known for its security measures. In simple words, if you are planning to host your website on WordPress, Drupal. Magento, Joomla, etc., you are bound to get blazing fast and secure hosting services.

A2 Hosting

Why A2 Hosting Can Be A Better SiteGround Alternative?

  • A2 Hosting is also one of the best SiteGround alternatives due to its wide array of hosting services. This includes shared hosting, WordPress, VPS, dedicated and reseller hosting.
  • It uses Turbo servers to enhance and boost your hosting experience up to 20 times.
  • Unlike all the hosting services, A2 Hosting offers unlimited SSD storage space for all the plans.
  • The team behind A2 hosting will also help you migrate your website from SiteGround to their own servers for free.
  • Apart from this, you are entitled to get many free bonuses upon signing up like SSL certificates, daily backups, site builder, website staging, etc.

A2 Hosting Pricing Overview

A2 Hosting also follows the trend of the majority of SiteGround alternatives i.e. offering multiple hosting services. Each hosting plan has up to 3 sub-plans within them. Here’s a quick overview.

  • Shared Hosting – This plan starts at just $3.92/month for hosting 1 website. The next two plans offer hosting for unlimited sites.
  • WordPress Hosting – The shared WordPress hosting plans start at $3.92/month while managed WordPress hosting plans start at $11.99/month.
  • VPS Hosting – The VPS hosting is available at the introductory cost of $5.00/month.
  • Reseller Hosting – If you want to opt for Reseller Hosting, the initial plan starts at $9.80/month.

As I have earlier, each of the hostings offers unlimited SSD storage space and other advanced features.

7. GoDaddy

The final entry in the list of best SiteGround alternatives has to be the mighty GoDaddy. Over the years, GoDaddy has grown from just a domain registrar to a hosting marketplace.

Speaking about the performance, GoDaddy has utilized its 20+ years of experience to maintain uptime of 99.97% with 554 ms minimum response time.

You could also estimate the popularity and efficiency of GoDaddy by knowing that over 44 million websites trust GoDaddy as their hosting service.


Why GoDaddy Can Be A Better SiteGround Alternative?

  • GoDaddy also has the biggest array of hosting services. This includes web hosting, business hosting, reseller hosting, etc. There are up to 3 types of WordPress hosting and also email hosting, VPS and Dedicated servers.
  • Unlike some random alternative to SiteGround, GoDaddy offers a 1 click installation of 125+ applications. This involves WordPress, cPanel, Drupal, etc.
  • GoDaddy is the only hosting service that offers its own themes and site builder.
  • To further enhance your site’s speed, GoDaddy offers CDN for blazing fast loading time.
  • Just like other hosting services, GoDaddy also offers a few features for free. For example, professional email, domain registration, daily malware scans, etc.

GoDaddy Pricing Overview

GoDaddy is literally the biggest marketplace of hosting services. Consequently, it becomes extremely difficult to explore each of the hosting plans in detail. But this won’t stop me from briefly talking about them…

  • Web Hosting – The first plan starts at $3.99/month for 1 website with 30 GB storage space. The next 3 plans can be bought at $5.99/month, $7.99/month, and $12.99/month.
  • WordPress Hosting – There are 4 plans in this category and offers hosting services for 1 website only. However, each plan has different features and functionalities. The first plan i.e. Basic would cost you $6.99/month.
  • VPS Hosting – This hosting too offers 4 internal sub-plans. The basic plan i.e. 1 vCPU starts at mere $4.99/month.

With regard to so many options for hosting services, you should first compare and analyze each of the plans in detail. There are many features exclusively available to certain GoDaddy plans.

Summing Up

So, this is it..!!

Here are 5+ SiteGround alternatives to consider in 2020, each unique and efficient in their own way.

All you have to do now is analyze your requirements and choose the ideal hosting service as your SiteGround alternative.

Rest assured, they will offer you all the features and overcome the limitations you faced with SiteGround.

As always, feel free to let me know if I have missed any deserving alternatives to SiteGround in the comments section.

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