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Are you hunting for the best ConvertKit Alternatives? Then, you have come to the right place.

Here we’re going to talk about of the most recommended alternatives to ConvertKit that you can choose instead of that.

ConvertKit came like a boom to the Email marketing industry and became a hotspot for bloggers and authors in nearly no time. Reasons?

  • It is easy for beginners, has simple email templates, not much for show off.
  • ConvertKit has a tag based subscribers system which is quite easy to use and with this system you can easily send personalized emails to your subscribers based on their interest.
  • It also has features like forms and landing pages to convert your visitors into subscribers.
  • With embed codes and forms, ConvertKit makes WordPress integration a breeze.
  • Unlike MailChimp, ConvertKit doesn’t charge for duplicate subscribers.

Just to give you a glimpse of what’s in store, here is an overview of the listed ConvertKit alternatives.

Overview Of The Best ConvertKit Alternatives

Why Do You Need To Look For ConvertKit Alternatives?

ConvertKit could’ve become the ultimate Email marketing service but we know that nobody’s perfect so is Convertkit.

ConvertKit also has few shortcomings which can make it easily replaceable with a platform which provides better Email marketing services. Few of those shortcomings are – 

  • If you are looking for something fancy or more of creative email templates, you should think one more time before buying ConvertKit because it has plain email templates or you should know a bit of coding to use HTML to design appealing email templates. 
  • ConvertKit doesn’t have a drag and drop email builder.
  • Lack of customization options for email templates and forms.
  • ConvertKit also lacks in A/B testing service.

As we have seen ConvertKit has few fantastic features but also has some shortcomings, which makes you to look for its alternatives.

But we’re here to lead you to the best ConvertKit competitors which will be a true value to your money.

List of Best ConvertKit Alternatives (Free & Paid)

1. Sendinblue

If you’re looking for the cheapest ConvertKit alternative then, Sendinblue could be the best option for you. Whether it is email marketing or advanced analytics, Sendinblue offers a perfect and complete set of features which can rapidly increase your sales and ROI. You can focus on the important things and leave the rest to excellent automation features.

 Sendinblue has many feathers in it’s cap and they really do justice with your money. 

Sendinblue - Best ConvertKit Alternatives


  • Sendinblue offers pricing as per the number of email sent whereas Convertkit has paid plans based on numbers of subscribers. This way SendinBlue becomes more affordable and cheap as compared to Convertkit. 
  • It’s free plan will let you send 300 emails per day (9000 emails/month) to unlimited subscribers. Surprising isn’t it? While ConvertKit’s free plan will only let you add 1000 subscribers but unlimited emails.
  • In Sendinblue you can create email templates by – 1. drag and drop, 2. plain text, 3. HTML. But ConvertKit doesn’t offer a drag and drop feature to create templates.
  • It offers 70+ attractive email templates whereas ConvertKit offers basic email templates.
  • SendinBlue provides advanced analytics which can help you to increase the conversions, while Convertkit doesn’t provide any such service.
  • It is pretty easy to organise by creating a list of different types of subscribers based on interest, previous engagement, and geographical characteristics, while ConvertKit lets you organize all your subscribers into a single list using tags and segments, which help you to reach your subscribers with highly targeted content.

Pricing Overview

If we look at the pricing of both of them – 

Sendinblue charges only $25 for 1000-10000 emails, while ConvertKit will charge $29-$119 for 1000-10000 subscribers. For 25000-45000 emails SendinBlue will charge you only $54 while for the same amount of subscribers, Convertkit will charge you $199-$399.

In brief SendinBlue offers a lot more services at lower price as compared to Convertkit. Hence this makes SendinBlue, one of the best ConvertKit alternatives.

2. EngageBay

EngageBay is another excellent ConvertKit alternative. It’s an award-winning all-in-one marketing, sales, and service software, with free CRM. 

Although a newer entrant in the SaaS space, EngageBay is quickly gaining popularity as a highly affordable and comprehensive alternative to expensive marketing automation platforms. 

So far, EngageBay has around 30,000 happy customers, and the numbers are growing every day. EngageBay’s customers include digital marketing agencies, tech startups, advertisement firms, and hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses. 

The software’s easy-to-use interface is smartly organized into four Bays: the Marketing Bay, the CRM & Sales Bay, the Service Bay, and Live Chat.



These remarkable features make EngageBay an excellent alternative to ConvertKit: 

  • EngageBay’s drag-and-drop landing page builder lets you create visually appealing landing pages. Don’t want to create pages from scratch? That’s OK; you can choose from hundreds of templates. 
  • You can enhance click-throughs and reduce bounce rates by testing your headings, banners, CTAs, and forms using EngageBay’s landing page A/B testing
  • Social media marketing is quickly becoming an integral part of any business. With EngageBay’s Social Suite, you can manage all your social accounts — Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram — from a single page. 
  • EngageBay offers a host of email marketing tools, including autoresponders, email broadcasts, sequences, and email broadcast A/B testing. With these tools, you can ensure that your campaigns are successful from the get-go. 
  • Don’t worry about micromanaging your appointments. With EngageBay’s 2-way calendar sync, you can manage all your appointments from one place. 
  • EngageBay also lets you integrate with your favorite business applications. You can seamlessly integrate EngageBay with Plivo, Stripe, Zapier, Shopify, JustCall, and much more. 
  • What’s more, EngageBay offers free CRM. ConvertKit does not. 

Pricing Overview

EngageBay’s four-tiered pricing plan offers excellent versatility. 

  • Free All-in-One plan: It is free forever, for up to 15 users, and offers email marketing for 500 contacts, 1,000 branded emails, contact segmentation, predictive lead scoring, web popups, email templates builder, autoresponders, Live Chat, and more.
  • All-in-One Basic Suite: This costs $14.99 a month ($8.99 on biennial subscription) and adds a 360-degree customer view for 1,000 contacts, SMS marketing, up to 3,000 branded emails, 1 GB of file storage, desktop notifications, and canned responses.
  • All-in-One Growth Suite: This popular plan costs $49.99 a month ($29.99 on biennial subscription) and adds onboarding sessions, marketing automation, and a dedicated account manager. You can send 25,000 emails and store up to 50,000 contacts. It also adds custom domain for your landing pages, automation nodes for all workflows, coding support, push notifications, call reports, and much more.
  • All-in-One Pro Suite: This advanced plan starts at $79.99 a month ($47.99 on biennial subscription). It adds a plethora of enterprise features, like 50,000 branded emails per month, unlimited contacts, web analytics, call recordings and scripts, API support, telephone support for users, and account-based marketing.

3. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is one of the true competitors of Convertkit, but still has few strengths and few weaknesses. If we look at the overall package and calculate the ROI (return on investment), the Constant Contact will triumph because of it’s low prices and many features.

Constant Contact - ConvertKit Alternatives


  • Constant Contact basically aimed at SMEs and non-profit organisations. While ConvertKit is popular with bloggers.
  • 100+ customizable email templates with drag and drop/HTML/plain text features comes with Constant Contact. Whereas Plain text/HTML templates come with ConvertKit.
  • Constant Contact is famous for its higher email delivery rate which makes it one of the top ConvertKit Competitors.
  • It  provides one-on-one online training and seminars while Convertkit doesn’t provide any such service.
  • It has many other features, such as capturing social media shares, click through rate, real-time reporting, survey management, social media campaigns and many others.

Pricing Overview

Free Plan – It  gives you 60 days free trial in which you can access all the advanced options, after that you can choose a perfect plan according to your need. While with ConvertKit’s free plan, you can send unlimited emails to only 1000 subscribers.

Constant Contact costs you $94/month to send an email for 1000-10000 subscribers whereas, ConvertKit costs you $119/month for the same amount of subscribers.

4. SendPulse

SendPulse is touted as one of the best and most preferred email marketing platforms. It is free upto 2500 subscribers with good features. It gives the hardest competition to ConvertKit in every aspect by providing excellent services at an affordable price. 



Here are few services which SendPulse offers:

  • It provides multiple marketing channels like webpush, SMS, viber, SMTP, messenger and more. By enabling facebook chatbot and web push notification, you can stock up your subscribers list quite easily. Convertkit doesn’t provide services like web push and facebook chatbot.
  • SendPulse allows integration up to 40+ applications like WooCommerce, PayPal, HubSpot, Amazon, Shopify, Zapier, Salesforce and so on.
  • It offers advanced automation and autoresponders which will keep your subscribers closer to you, also provides advanced analytics which will keep the track of number of clicks, email open rate, bounce, number of unsubscribes and much more. While advanced analytics is one thing which is missing from the Convertkit.
  • SendPulse provides 130+ email templates with Drag and drop, plain text and HTML text editor to keep your email marketing strategy on the top.
  • SendPulse detects those subscribers who did not open the email so that you can pursue them and send them newsletters to follow up and keep them in reach. ConvertKit has a tag feature by which you can create different segments for different subscribers. 
  • If one strategy is not showing any positive results then use A/B testing by changing the header or anything you like to attract your user. A/B testing provided by SendPulse will definitely give better results to you. 

Pricing Overview

If we talk about the price of SendPulse, it is free upto 2500 subscribers but you can only send upto 15000 emails for free. To send unlimited emails, unlock pro features you need to get a subscription of $9 per month, which is way less than ConvertKit. SendPulse even provides 24/7 support and has one of the highest email deliverability rates.  

5. ActiveCampaign

Start your email marketing with phenomenal services of ActiveCampaign, which allows you to focus on each and every one of your subscribers and convert them into your potential buyers.

ActiveCampaign has so many segmentation features by which you can separate your customer base from more important to less important for an example – you can make a different list of those subscribers, who clicked on specific links to know and target your real and authentic users. 



 Active Campaign can have so many advantages over ConvertKit such as:

  • It has CRM and sales automation features that automate your entire sale process.
  • Active Campaign has a built -in A/B testing feature that help you to find the best subject line, email content, call to action, and images for your email. Also, it let you test up to five email campaign at a time.
  • It provides access to campaign report where you can track the performance of your email campaign such as total no of emails are sent, open rates, click to open rates, unsubscribe, and bounce rates. All these data help you to improve your next campaign.
  • ActiveCampaign has offered 125+ pre-made professionally designed email templates that can be customised as per your brand.
  • It has a more versatile pricing system that is tiered pricing system and you’ll get additional features at higher tiers which is different than ConvertKit.

Pricing Overview

Basically Active Campaign is everything your organisation would need. It is one of the most business oriented products. If we talk about pricing ActiveCampaign cheaper per subscriber as compared to ConvertKit. It charges only $9 per month for 500 subscribers and the tier goes upwards as the services increases. 

6. GetResponse

Another best ConvertKit alternative in the list is GetResponse. People call it “world’s easiest email marketing service.” GetResponse is one of the oldest giants in the email marketing world which mainly focuses on email marketing tools but also gives various services like automation, Webinar, landing page creation and others.



Here are few things which will make you go for GetResponse:

  • GetResponse is made up for sales people, as anyone can easily get connected with their subscribers and convert them into their customer by using services like landing pages and webinar. Convertkit doesn’t offer services like webinar.
  • It has a specialized webinar auto-responder by which you can have control over scheduling and email branding. This is the tool which will generate most of your leads and turn them into loyal customers.
  • If we take an overview for GetResponse, it is a total CRM solution and it also provides consultation sessions for new users. Overall GetResponse is way affordable and offers more services than Convertkit.

Pricing Overview

  • GetResponse offers a very affordable tiered pricing format, and can choose one of them as your subscriber base grows. It does not provide that much service at the initial tier because of it’s quite low subscription amount that is $15. Tier 1 will offer you basic email marketing and basic automation for a list of 1000 subscribers.
  • Webinar starts from tier 2 by which you can connect upto 100 people simultaneously. Tier 2 comes to you at just $49 for the list of 5000 subscribers. 
  • Tier 3 is for the people who have advanced needs, it costs around $165 for 10000 subscribers and offers services like upto 500 people can attend webinar and you’ll also get services from a personal individual to make your marketing campaign successful.

7. MailerLite

Ever heard of a free email marketing service provider full of it’s features, NO? Then sit tight.

MailerLite offers fully featured free versions upto 1000 subscribers. Isn’t it fascinating? MailerLite and ConvertKit both offer valuable email marketing services but MailerLite is way much affordable and cheaper as compared to ConvertKit. MailerLite provides the following services which shall make you drool over them.



  • It provides all 3 types of email templates that are 1. Plain text editor 2. Drag & drop text editor 3. HTML editor. ConvertKit doesn’t offer a drag and drop feature. Therefore, we consider MailerLite as top ConvertKit alternatives.
  • You can create your own newsletter templates apart from already existed newsletter templates and all the email newsletters are mobile friendly.
  • No worries for your eCommerce campaign because you can add Shopify or WooCommerce to hike up your sales. 
  • MailerLite also offers unsubscribe page builders so that if anyone unsubscribes, he can fill a feedback form by which you can improve yourself or switch your marketing strategy.
  • It provides A/B testing and advanced analytics to follow up your subscribers.   

Pricing Overview

MailerLite is concerned about every one of it’s users hence it has a verification process in which MailerLite will verify your account and then let you use it’s free services.

If we talk about pricings, MailerLite is absolutely free upto 1000 subscribers. It will charge $10 upto 2500 subscribers, $30 for subscribers upto 5000, $50 upto 10000 subscribers and $120 for upto 25000 subscribers.

Whereas ConvertKit will charge $29 for 1000 subscribers, raise it to $199 for upto 25000 subscribers and $399 for 25000 subscribers.

This is how MailerLite becomes one of the best alternatives for ConvertKit.

Which is the Best ConvertKit Alternative?

We have discussed most of the possible ConvertKit alternatives which are much affordable and offer excellent services as compared to ConvertKit.

I would suggest you signup for their free plan to explore the feature of each service before going to invest your money.

For new startups and beginners:

Sendinblue is the best option as it provides a forever free plan where one can send 9000 emails/month for free. Also, their premium plans are much affordable as compared to other email marketing services.

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Thanks in advance 🙂

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