How To Make Money With ClickBank [Step by Step Guide]

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As we know, Digital Marketing is like a wheel with multiple spokes. These spokes represent different types of digital marketing strategies like content marketing, SEO, search engine marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, etc.

But among all these different types of digital marketing strategy, the one that stands out to be the most lucrative is affiliate marketing.

Now, the question arises – Where to begin with affiliate marketing?

If you’d ask me, affiliate marketing is everywhere… There are blogs with affiliate products, emails with affiliate product recommendations, social media ads, and whatnot.

So, it’s safe to say that affiliate marketing has a lot of potential but then again, it all comes down to choosing the right platform/network for affiliate marketing.

According to my recent interaction with top affiliate marketers, it has been established that ClickBank still remains the best affiliate marketing platform.

But for these top affiliate marketers, it took years of hard work and failures to learn how to make money on ClickBank.

Lucky for you, you won’t have to wait for years or face any hardships as this guide will help you study how to make money with ClickBank fast.

Before jumping in straight to the action, let’s talk about –

What Is ClickBank?

ClickBank is one of the leading affiliate networks of the digital world. It has been founded in 1998 and with the experience of 20+ years, ClickBank has become one of the most profitable affiliate networks.

And, by saying network, I refer to its flexibility of allowing you to –

  1. Directly selling your own digital products as a product owner and hiring/inviting affiliates for selling your products.
  2. Signing up as an affiliate to sell products of different vendors or sellers.

Having said that, you should know that it is more than just an affiliate network. That is, it also provides a full-fledged marketplace for digital goods and services.

So, a casual buyer can browse the required product and purchase it without any affiliate recommendations.

All the points mentioned above invites a question i.e. –

How Does ClickBank Work?

Since we are here to learn how to make money by ClickBank, I would skip the part of directly browsing and purchasing from its marketplace. In simple words, I would not be talking about the buyer’s perspective.

Rather I am going to talk about the selling or product promotion part.

Since ClickBank is classified as an affiliate network, there are two prime players in this scenario –

  • Sellers or Product Creator
  • Affiliates or Affiliate Partners

As the name suggests, Sellers or Product Creators launch their products or services on the ClickBank marketplace. These products could be anything like eBook, software, graphics bundle, service, etc.

After that, they invite affiliates to promote their products to audiences.

Now, after the sales are generated, the amount is collected by ClickBank, and then it is methodically split between the Seller and Affiliate, after accounting the affiliate revenue share percentage.


You’d be now wondering about the authenticity of ClickBank that invites the question –

Is ClickBank Legit?

Yes, absolutely..!!

ClickBank is 100% legit and also extremely secure to handle the transactions between buyers, sellers, and affiliates.

You could estimate the level of authenticity by knowing that it has a clean and transparent record of 20+ years.

Tons of product sellers launch their products, many affiliates promote these products, and several buyers purchase these products on a daily basis.

So once again yes, is legitimate and highly trustworthy.

Now that we have explored the basics of ClickBank, it’s time for us to dive straight in…

Step By Step Guide To Learn How To Make Money With ClickBank

In the guide, you’ll learn:

  1. Step 1 – How to Sign Up On ClickBank as an Affiliate or as a Seller?
  2. Step 2 – ClickBank Marketplace Categories
  3. Step 2 – How to Find the Right Product on ClickBank
  4. Step 3 – Important ClickBank Metrics & Terminologies
  5. Step 4 – Different Strategies Used To Make Money From ClickBank
  6. Step 5 – How to Make Money from ClickBank Without a Website?

It is known that to start any digital marketing journey, we must have a digital presence.

Hence, to start making money with ClickBank, we must have an account on the platform.

1. Sign Up Process On ClickBank

Now, ClickBank offers two types of sign-ups i.e. as a Seller or as an Affiliate. Although, the sign-up process for both of these roles are the same but the functioning of these accounts/roles will be different.

Allow me to further elaborate –

1.1 ClickBank Seller Sign Up Process

n order to get started with ClickBank, simply click the “Sign Up” button available on the top right corner of the homepage.

ClickBank - Homepage

After that, you will be redirected to the signup page where it will ask you to fill basic information including first & last name, country, phone number and email address. Before clicking on the “Join ClickBank” button, you have to read and accept its term and conditions.

ClickBank - Sign Up Form

Now, you will be prompted to complete your ClickBank profile. Make sure to add all the available details so that you make a good impression on your affiliates.

In this profile section, you will find Let’s Optimize Your Performance section at the bottom. It will ask your aim behind signing up on the ClickBank. Here are offered a choice to –

  • Sell physical products
  • Sell digital products
  • Promote products as an affiliate
  • Promote products as an influencer
  • Do market research

And, the annual revenue of your company.

Here, since we have signed up for selling products, choose either the physical products or digital products option. Also, since we are just starting out, choose the $0 – $25K option.

Click Save..!!

Now, here is where it gets interesting…

You will have now unlocked the ClickBank dashboard. Here, you would have to either link your existing ClickBank account or create a new account.

In order to create new account, Click on “Create Account” button

ClickBank - New Account Creation

After that, again it will ask you to confirm the role of your ClickBank account. These options are given:

  • Vendor
  • Affiliate
  • Combination
  • Custom
  • Test

Choose your role, and add your Nickname. Keep in mind your nickname will be your Account ID and it can’t be changed.

ClickBank - Choose Account Type

Post this, you will see that the ClickBank dashboard lists your newly created account. Just click it to access your Vendor’s dashboard.

It would look something like this –

ClickBank - Manage Account

In order to add your products and start selling, you must complete your “My Site” settings, available under Vendor settings.

After that, you can add your products, their billing types, etc. under the “My Products” settings.

I would advise you to consider launching a full-fledged offer with several upsells. Affiliates love this..!!

Remember, you would have to pay a one-time vendor activation fee of $49.95 in order to start selling your products.

1.2 ClickBank Affiliate Sign Up Process

If you want to learn how to make money on ClickBank for free, you should skip the Vendor sign up process and instead sign up as an affiliate. Unlike the Vendor’s account, you won’t have to pay any activation fee for your Affiliate account.

The affiliate sign up process in ClickBank is the same as that of vendor’s or seller’s.

After signing up on ClickBank, add a new account with the role of Affiliate. Don’t forget to add your unique Nickname.

2. Exploring Affiliate Marketplace For Product Promotion

Once you have added your new Affiliate account, click your Nickname that is mentioned in your ClickBank’s account dashboard.

Now, once you open your Affiliate account dashboard, you can locate the “Marketplace” tab in the menu.

This is where you would be able to find all the top offers and products on ClickBank.

You can see that the Marketplace lists different product categories along with a product search field.

ClickBank Product Categories

  • Health & Fitness
  • E-commerce & E-marketing
  • Games
  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Home & Garden
  • Languages
  • Parenting & Families
  • So on
Clickbank Marketplace

But before going any further, you should decide the niche of your affiliate promotion. In simple words, you should know if promoting softwares would be profitable for you or focusing on health & fitness offers better results.

For that, I strongly recommend you to first research your market.

Once you have completed this, you can jump on to finding the top affiliate offers. For this, you can browse the categories or simply add a keyword in the search box.

You will be presented with tons of products and offers.

But wait… You should not blindly pick any random offer. You must strictly follow my guidelines (mentioned below) about finding and choosing the perfect offer.

3. How To Find The Best Products To Promote On ClickBank?

Believe it or not, a significant percentage of affiliate marketers fail to make money with ClickBank. Not because they have poor marketing skills but because they promote the wrong offer.

Before writing this step by step guide, I have browsed through various blogs on how to make money from ClickBank.

Each of those blogs just talked about how to sign up, where to find offers, and different channels to promote your affiliate offers. But none talked about how to find the perfect ClickBank product.

But things will be different here. I will help you find and choose the perfect product to promote. Before that, you should know –

Important ClickBank Metrics & Terminologies

In order to know which offer could yield maximum profits, you should look for below-listed metrics in any ClickBank offers –

  • Initial $/sale – It represents the commission earned (in dollars) by an affiliate for the sale of the front end (first) product of an offer or funnel.
  • Avg $/sale – This metric represents average money (in dollars) earned by an affiliate for its sales in a funnel. If an offer has multiple upsells or downsells this metric could be different than the Initial $/sale. 
  • Avg %/sale – It is the average affiliate commission percentage offered by the vendor for its offer or product.
  • Avg Rebill Total – If the offer has products with recurring billing cycles, this metric shows the average commission earned by the affiliate that comes from rebills.
  • Avg %/Rebill – This is the average affiliate commission percentage set by the vendor for the recurring billing cycles.
  • Grav – The metric refers to the approximate number of affiliates that have successfully promoted the product or offer. The higher the number, the better the chances of earning profit.

Steps Required To Find The Best Product

Step 1 – Open the marketplace from your affiliate account dashboard.

Step 2 – Enter a specific keyword about the offer that you would like to promote in the search box. Hit search.

Step 3 – You will be presented with a list of offers. Now, you need to sort results by Gravity. Now, primarily look for the offer that has a high Gravity score. The high score ensures that offers on ClickBank have proved to be fruitful for many affiliates.

Along with this, you should also check that the offer has multiple upsells and also an engaging sales page.

Finally, after checking all the metrics of that offer, click on “Promote”.

Step 4 – Once you have clicked on the promote button, a new window will open.

In this window, you must enter or confirm your affiliate details and click on the “Generate Hoplinks” button.

Now, all you have to do is copy your Hoplink (affiliate tracking link), save it, and prepare for promoting this product through different marketing strategies.

4. Different Strategies Used To Make Money From ClickBank

In the realm of digital marketing, the key aspect of every successful marketing campaign is the amount and quality of traffic leveraged for your promotion.

But bringing-in the traffic is easier said than done…

Although, it becomes extremely easy if you adopt the right marketing or promotion strategies for opening the gates for your traffic. This includes –

  • Free Promotion – This promotion or marketing strategy will help you learn how to make money with ClickBank for free. Also, with this, you won’t have to spend a single penny for your product promotion. Although, you should keep in mind that the free promotion method takes a lot of time to generate results/sales.
  • Paid Promotion – If you want quicker and better results, this promotion tactic will be beneficial in helping you learn how to make money with ClickBank fast. By opting for this strategy, you would have to invest a sum of money for a quick return in the form of affiliate commissions.

With that being said, simply copy-pasting the link on different channels won’t guarantee sales or success. Instead, you must first focus on introducing your potential customers to your marketing funnel (more on this later).

There are multiple steps involved in creating a funnel. But the prime motive of the funnel is to –

  • Educate your traffic via blogs, videos, infographics, etc.
  • Introduce them about the product, its benefits, and uses.
  • Make a sales pitch with an unpassable offer.
  • Collect the contact details of your traffic before their purchase.

Now that you have got the idea about how to promote your products, here are some proven free promotion strategies –

4.1 Promotion Via Website & SEO

If you are starting your digital marketing endeavors, it is strongly suggested to create your digital presence in the form of a website.

Don’t worry, starting a website isn’t that complicated. Moreover, it also wouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

This means that you can create your website or launch a blog on free platforms like, etc. You can then perform the required SEO and content marketing for your blog.

But I will be honest with you… Free websites on free platforms won’t rank highly on Google. On the other hand, getting a domain, hosting it on reliable servers, and launching your website as a brand has great positive effects on your potential customers.

Not only it will rank high on Google SERPs but it will also create a sense of trust in your site visitors. This will ensure a high conversion rate.

Nevertheless, creating a site may require some investment but performing SEO is completely free of cost. For this, you can use a forever free keyword research tool like Serpstat (for high-quality keyword research, use SEMrush).

And, once you have keywords with low competition, you can write a good article or blog featuring your ClickBank products.

Here are different types of blogs that you can use –

  • Listicles – It means list-based articles. The best example of this type could be “5 Best Fat Burning Techniques in 2020”.
  • Reviews – You can also create a blog that reviews the software. It can include Pros & Cons, pricing, etc.

Keep in mind that the prime motive of these blogs should be to provide value to customers by educating them about the benefits of that software, eBook, etc.

4.2 Video Promotion

Do you know what’s the most influential way of conveying your thoughts? It’s videos.

Creating videos and publishing on different platforms is trending these days. So it would be highly logical to follow this viral trend for a quick and instant boost in traffic.

Now the question arises, how and where to publish your videos?

First of all, you can use your mobile phone to shoot your videos. Later, you can get a camera for this when you start to grow.

Coming to the right channel, none could provide better exposure than YouTube. Also, it is very easy to publish your videos on this platform.

Again, the content of your video should focus on how your viewers could benefit from what you are offering instead of directly selling them. And, you can, of course, add your affiliate link in the video description.

Apart from this, you can also post on other video channels like Vimeo, DailyMotion, etc.

4.3 Influencer Marketing

If you want to learn how to make money from ClickBank without a website then this promotion and traffic inflow tactic would do wonders for you.

All you have to do is generate a good bunch of followers/fan following on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, or Tik Tok.

After that, you can post videos, texts, etc. to influence them to take certain actions like sign up or product purchase. In a way, it can be said that it is closely related to social media marketing.

This method has been widely adopted by many social media celebrities as it surely provides adequate results.

4.4 Promoting Via Pinterest

Did you know, there are millions of daily active users on Pinterest? That’s a whole lot of untapped traffic sources that you should definitely consider.

In Pinterest, you will be required to post images that relate to your affiliate offer. And, the best part about Pinterest is that it allows you to add an external link on your image (Pins).

This external link could be your affiliate link or Hoplink.

However, I would strongly advise you to add the blog URL to your Pins. And, from your blog, you can redirect your visitors to your affiliate offer.

It would be highly beneficial as you could kill two birds in one shot. The first one would help you get referral traffic for your website and this helps in rank improvements. The second part would be the sales part.

Having said that, I should tell you that in order to get popular on Pinterest, you should add 8-10 Pins per day.

That’s it..!!

With the help of these strategies, you will be able to know how to make money with ClickBank for free.

But keep in mind, the free tactics have certain disadvantages like –

  • You would not be able to capture your customers’ details
  • Reselling them in future is out of the picture
  • This process requires a lot of time to come into effect.

That being said, if you want to know how to make money with ClickBank fast you can opt for paid promotion strategies.

Here are some of the proven strategies that offer the best results in a short period of time –

4.5 Search Engine Marketing & PPC

One of the most prominent ways of promoting any kind of offers, products, etc. is via paid advertising on search engines or PPC campaigns.

This is widely used by top affiliate marketers as it guarantees a healthy flow of laser-targeted traffic.

If you are unfamiliar with SEM, you are allotted an advertising space on search engine results pages. This space is populated with your ad copy on the basis of targeted keywords and bidding amount.

Note – Use SEMrush for the best paid keyword research.

And, the best part – instead of charging for just showing your ads, the search engine (like Google) will charge you only if a viewer clicks on your ad. The ad can then redirect your viewers to your custom landing page or sales page of the offer.

Similarly, you can target your potential customer with the help of pre-rolling ads on YouTube.

Also, Google AdSense allows you to show your ads on different websites that have AdSense scripts on them.

With the proper SEM strategy, you can recover your invested money and even earn more quickly..!!

4.5 Social Media Marketing or SMM

Another great secret of knowing how to make money in ClickBank is social media marketing.

Here, you’d have to create engaging social media ads, set some targeting rules, and launch your ad campaign. That’s it.

The great advantage of using SMM is that it leverages the widest traffic source. Imagine having the capability to show your social media ads to millions of users in a day.

Since every coin has two sides, the drawback of this promotion strategy is that it does not bring targeted traffic.

But this can be changed with the help of Retargeting Social Media campaigns. For this, you would have to add a retargeting pixel on your website.

So now, when a targeted visitor from Search Engine Marketing campaigns lands on your website, he will be seeing your ads on his social media accounts because of the retargeting pixel.

Some of the prime platforms for SMM include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, etc.

4.6 Email Marketing

As the name suggests, this promotional strategy allows you to send emails to your leads and potential customers.

But wait a minute..!! You do not have an email list or leads. So how can you email them about your offers?

The answer lies in the amalgamation of all the 3 paid promotion strategies.

For social media marketing and search engine marketing, the traffic lands on your sales/landing page that educates them about the offer.

So, when they decide to take an action i.e. purchase the product, you can add a buffer in between this. The buffer acts as a gate that opens if certain criteria are fulfilled.

One prime example of a buffer is the lead capture module that can allow your visitors to opt-in or subscribe to your email list. Once they enter and submit their detail, you can then redirect them to the required destination like cart, pricing page, product confirmation page, etc.

Now, with the captured leads data, you can send promotional email campaigns of other affiliate offers and products in the future.

With the help of a landing page and lead capture module, your email list is going to grow and replenish over time.

Having said that, you should know that many email marketing services do not like affiliate marketing. Hence, they refrain from sending of such promotional email campaigns.

Don’t worry, I still have a reliable solution – Services like Constant Contact and Sendinblue are significantly lenient. Hence, you can opt for them.

5. Key Factors To Keep In Mind

No matter which promotional strategy you use, the results are going to come given the time.

In addition to all the strategies mentioned above, I would suggest that instead of focusing on just a single strategy, you should use all of them and build an optimized marketing funnel around them.

For instance, if you start with a blog, you can publish a blog about “5 Best Video Editors”. In the blog, you can mention only 3 software and provide insights into the rest 2 software via an email.

This would encourage your visitors to sign up for your email marketing lists. Later, you have the capability to send them any promotional offers and at any time.

Similarly, when you leverage traffic from paid promotion tactics onto your landing page, you can ask your visitors to enter their contact details i.e. opt-in for bonuses and discounts for that offer.

Again, this would help you grow your email lists.

In totality, employing all these strategies would ensure that your affiliate marketing business runs like a well-oiled machine.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have known how to make money from ClickBank, it’s time for you to step on the accelerator of your business growth.

I believe that the guide that I have mentioned above will work wonders for you. And, in a matter of time, you will emerge as a reputed affiliate marketer.

If you have any further queries about making money with ClickBank, feel free to contact me. Or drop them in the comments section.

I would be happy to help you out..!!

If you found this article helpful, don’t forget to share it on your social media platform.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to ClickBank

Is ClickBank Free?

ClickBank is completely free for affiliates. If you’re a vendor and want to sell your products on ClickBank then, you have to pay one-time activation fee of $49.95 only.

Is Clickbank legit?

Yes, absolutely. ClickBank is 100% legit and also extremely secure to handle the transactions between buyers, sellers, and affiliates. You could estimate the level of authenticity by knowing that it has a clean and transparent record of 20+ years.

How can I make money from ClickBank without a website?

If you don’t have a website. Don’t worry. You can make money by promoting ClickBank products on different channels including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Quora, YouTube, etc.

Where can I market ClickBank products?

You can market ClickBank products on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Quora, YouTube, etc.

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