5 Best Mailshake Alternatives For Better Email Outreach

Are you looking to switch from Mailshake and exploring all the Mailshake alternatives?

I too have been in the same situation as you are now and desperately wandered from blogs to blogs, looking for the best alternatives to Mailshake.

But couldn’t find a reliable guide that would guide me in the right direction.

Lucky for you, I went ahead and took it upon myself to test all the Mailshake competitors and create a list of all the best alternatives.

Now, with the help of all the below-listed alternatives, you can easily and in a better way conduct a cold email outreach program for sales, lead generations, backlinks, or to build a strong business relationship.

But before jumping in and exploring all the options, allow me to briefly talk about –

What Is Mailshake?

Mailshake is an online tool that specializes in conducting cold email campaigns to improve sales, lead generations, and more.

In addition to this, Mailshake is also capable of interacting with your prospects over the phone and social media channels.

Also, it has a wide range of integration options like GSuite, Outlook, Salesforce, and several more with the help of Zapier.

It’s evident that Mailshake has many amenities and it would be adequate for beginners. But when our needs grow, Mailshake won’t be an ideal choice for cold outreach.

Apart from this, here’s –

Why Do You Need Mailshake Alternatives?

  • It requires technical knowledge to set up your Mailshake account.
  • Mailshake won’t work if your contacts are saved on Google Sheets. You need to manually download it as a CSV file and then import it in the application.
  • In spite of being compatible with Gmail & Outlook, it uses different user interfaces for both of them.
  • There are no adequate resources or customer support for Mailshake.
  • It is often considered to be extremely expensive.

Now that you have come across all the reasons to look for the best Mailshake alternative, it’s time to begin the hunt.

1. Woodpecker

If you are looking for one of the most established alternatives to Mailshake then you would definitely love Woodpecker. You would be relieved to know that it has over 2,500 B2B clientele.

Woodpecker has managed to grow this huge following with the help of its set of features that are aligned to yield maximum results from any cold email campaigns.

Woodpecker - Alternative to Mailshake

Why Woodpecker Is An Ideal Mailshake Alternative?

  • Woodpecker allows you to automatically send email follow ups. These scheduled follow ups are so advanced that it will automatically stop when you receive a reply.
  • In addition to personalizing your cold emails, Woodpecker also provides you the ability to track the opens and clicks generated from your emails.
  • It can be integrated with any email service provider and CRMs without any technical difficulty.

Woodpecker Pricing

With so much stuff to offer, Woodpecker has kept its pricing significantly cheaper than Mailshake. Also, to help you get a hang of the software, it provides a 14 days free trial period. After that, you have the option to choose from 2 different subscription plans.

  • Start-up – It offers all the basic features and usage limits of the application at the cost of $40/month.
  • Team Pro – At the same time, this plan would cost you $50/month for all the team-oriented features.

There’s an Enterprise plan too that offers all the features. But you’d need to get in touch with its sales team for custom pricing.

2. SalesHandy

When it comes to silently doing your job in the best possible way, none could match the likes of SalesHandy. Therefore, it is safe to say that SalesHandy could be one of the top alternatives to Mailshake.

Consequently, many big corporations have discovered SalesHandy and started using it. Some of these corporations involve Microsoft, Logitech, Oracle, GoDaddy, etc.

SalesHandy - Best Mailshake Alternative

Why SalesHandy Is An Ideal Mailshake Alternative?

  • Unlike Mailshake, it provides email tracking capabilities for Gmail, as well as for Outlook.
  • It helps you reduce your manual overload by providing email auto followups for up to 9 levels and multiple triggers.
  • SalesHandy is also handy with several cold email templates for your campaigns.

SalesHandy Pricing

One of the greatest characteristics of SalesHandy is that it can be considered as a free Mailshake alternative. Thanks to its forever free plan.

Other than this, pricing plans of SalesHandy are the cheapest among all the alternatives mentioned in this blog.

  • Regular – The Regular plan costs just $12/month ($9/month on annual payment) and allows sending of 200 emails/day.
  • Plus – This plan will charge you $27/month ($22/month on annual payment) and includes a few of the advanced SalesHandy features with 1,600 emails/day sending limit.
  • Enterprise – It would cost you $59/month ($49/month on annual payment) to access all the features and send 5,000 emails/day.

3. Snov.io

Snov.io is one of the latest Mailshake alternatives that started offering its services just a couple of years ago. And since then, it has managed to grow its clientele of 400,000+ users.

Not just this, it has been also highly rated on many review-based sites like G2 Crowd, Trustpilot, Capterra, etc. Snov.io has earned such high praises because of its multi-functional nature that includes domain email search, email verifier, drip campaigns, email tracker for Gmail, and much more.

Snovio - Best Mailshake Alternative

Why Snov.io Is An Ideal Mailshake Alternative?

  • It has a full-fledged but simple email outreach module that is relatively better than Mailshake.
  • You can import your contacts files in the application as MS Excel, CSV, or TXT files. While in the case of Mailshake, you can only do it with CSV files.
  • Snov.io provides you with a drag & drop email builder, drip automation, email verifier, etc.while there are no such provisions in Mailshake.

Snov.io Pricing

The pricing of Snov.io is built around credits and the number of recipients. But the stuff that makes it one of the top alternatives to Mailshake is its forever free plan.

Other than this, there are 4 subscription plans –

  • S – This plan fetches 1,000 credits and 1,000 recipients limit at the cost of $39/month.
  • M – At the same time, the payment of $69/month will provide 5,000 credits and 5,000 recipients limit.
  • L – It would cost you $129/month for 20,000 credits and 20,000 recipients.
  • XL – The plan will charge you $199/month for 50,000 credits and unlimited recipients limit.

4. Klenty

Klenty is one such Mailshake alternatives that leave no stones unturned for your email outreach campaigns. Because of this, it has been extensively used by some top giants like Chargebee, The Plum Guide, HackerX, Red Eye, etc.

If we compare with Mailshake, all the features of Klenty are far more advanced. For example, it can automatically detect redundant data, offers a “click to call” button in emails, a Gmail plugin for easy email sending, and much more.

Klenty - Mailshake Competitor

Why Klenty Is An Ideal Mailshake Alternative?

  • It is a complete email outreach tool that sends emails, sends followup emails, and drip campaigns. The system of Klenty is so advanced that it will stop the drip campaigns for a particular recipient if he replies back.
  • Unlike Mailshake, Klenty offers a better A/B testing module to try and identify which strategy works best for your contacts.
  • Klenty can be integrated with all the major CRMs to keep your prospects and contacts list updated.

Klenty Pricing

Despite offering better services and features, Klenty has kept its pricing relatively cheaper than Mailshake. Moreover, it also offers a 14 days free trial period on top of 3 subscription plans.

  • Tall – $30/month for all the basic features.
  • Grande – This plan includes all the Tall plan features and advanced CRM integration & plugin at the price of $60/month.
  • Venti – The plan of $100/month will offer all the Klenty features.

5. lemlist

lemlist is one of the most underrated Mailshake alternatives available to us. According to me, this is the perfect tool you can use for conducting cold email outreach campaigns.

Just like me, there are many notable names of the world that have realized the potential of lemlist and readily opted for it. Some of them include Zendesk, Uber, Shapr, Comet, etc.

lemlist - Best Competitor to Mailshake

Why lemlist Is An Ideal Mailshake Alternative?

  • To help you quickly take-off, lemlist provides you with an extensive set of conversion-oriented cold email templates.
  • lemlist is fairly compatible with almost all the email providers. In addition to this, you can also connect any external SMTP with lemlist.
  • This alternative to Mailshake also provides integration with all the CRMs and Google Sheet. You can also find prospects on LinkedIn with the help of lemlist.

lemlist Pricing

Irrespective of such a wide range of features, lemlist has kept its pricing cheaper than Mailshake. It offers a 14 days free trial period and 3 subscription plans that offer unlimited campaigns. The only limit imposed on you will be one the number of emails sent in a day.

  • Silver – You will be allowed to send 100 emails/day at $29/month.
  • Gold – Likewise, this plan would cost you $49/month and it will allow you to send 500 emails/day.
  • Platinum – This plan too enables sending 500 emails/day but it also includes all the advanced features. The cost of this plan is $99/month.

What’s Next?

After exploring all the best Mailshake alternatives, it’s time for you to choose the one that suits your needs.

I assure you all the above mentioned Mailshake competitors are best in their abilities. It ultimately comes down to your requirements.

So, without wasting any more time, opt for any of the above-mentioned tools and see your cold email outreach program succeed.

As always, if you have any queries, feel free to drop them in the comments section.

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