10 Best SERP Tracking Tools With Free Trial

Are you looking for some top SERP tracking tools to monitor your keyword or blog rankings?

If yes then you are at the right place..!!

At the starting of your blogging or SEO career, you may have been told that in order to check your ranks on SERPs, you would have to enter your keywords and check for blog positions.

Yeah, I’ve been there too and you would agree with me that this rank checking method is extremely tiresome and prone to errors.

What you need is an easy but efficient system that performs this task for you. Enter – SERP tracking tools.

But after recognizing the agony of SEO professionals and bloggers, many tools have emerged, each claiming to be the best. This makes it difficult to choose the best option.

Lucky for you, in this blog, I will be listing only 10 best SERP tracking software for rank checking, that you can actually rely on…

Here is quick overview of the featured Best SERP Tracking Tools:

Before we dive into the list of best SERP software in detail, allow me to explain –

What Is SERP?

SERP is an abbreviation for Search Engine Results Page. Whenever you type in something and perform a Google search, the results page shown to you is called SERP.

As of now, SERP shows 10 results per page. So if your blog is listed at the first spot of the first page then it is said that your blog is ranking at the 1st spot.

Why Do You Need SERP Tracking Tools?

Let’s face it, if you haven’t already felt the need to check your SERP rankings, you wouldn’t be here.

Although, here are some ways in which these tools will help you –

  • It will negate the laborious task of manual rank checking.
  • These tools will eliminate any possibilities of data misinterpretation.
  • You will be able to monitor your website’s performance.
  • Monitoring website ranking fluctuations is also an added benefit.
  • You would also be able to monitor the performance of your competitors.

And, many more than this…

Now, I have compiled a list of my personal favorite SERP tracking tools that are known to offer the above-mentioned benefits and features.

Let’s dig in –

1. SEMrush – Best SERP Tracking Tool

I would like to mention SEMrush at the top spot because I’ve been personally using it for my blog. And, without any surprise, it is one of the best SERP tracking tools.

Apart from this, SEMrush is one of the most sought after SEO tools that offers distinct SEO or PPC related features. Because of this, many big companies like Quora, eBay, HP, etc. have started using it.


Other SERP Tracking Features Of SEMrush

  • SEMrush allows you to check your SERP rankings for desktop as well as mobile devices on a daily basis.
  • You can also get a deeper analysis of your keywords and blog performance by monitoring its rank in different countries, cities, and regions.
  • It also allows you to discover new competitors in your niche and also permits you to monitor their SERP rankings.


As I have said, SEMrush is not just a SERP tracking software. Rather, a complete SEO toolkit for your website. So in order to get access to its rank tracking module, you’d have to purchase it as a package.

  • Pro – In this plan, you would be able to monitor SERP rankings for 3 websites with 500 keywords limit at the cost of $99.95/month.
  • Guru – By subscribing to pay $199.95/month, you are allowed to track SERPs for 15 websites with 1,500 keyword variations.
  • Business – Lastly, this plan would cost you $399.95/month to monitor rankings for 25 websites with 5,000 different keywords.

2. SE Ranking – Online Rank Tracker Tool

No list of SERP tracking tools would be complete without mentioning SE Ranking. Such is the greatness and efficiency of this online software.

If you don’t know it yet, SE Ranking is a complete SEO toolkit that offers multiple SEO tools, including SERP tracking tools and rank tracking features. You’d be also amazed to know that in spite of being a new tool in the market, SE Ranking is successfully catering to over 300,000 customers.

SE Ranking - Best SERP Tracking Tool

Other SERP Tracking Features Of SE Ranking

  • On top of providing SERP tracking for major search engines, SE Ranking is able to monitor your Google Maps and Google Ads positions.
  • It is also packed with the best SERP tracking tool that allows you to skin down the top 100 search results. This helps you in identifying close competitors.
  • Besides this, SE Ranking has a great reputation for providing 100% accurate insights for desktop and mobile ranking. You can also track ranks according to country, city, or postal codes.


SE Ranking has one of the most flexible pricing plans. It allows you to choose your billing cycles from monthly, 3 months, half-yearly, 9 months, and yearly. Each of these billing cycles (except monthly cycle) has a significant discount.

Furthermore, SE Ranking also allows you to choose the frequency of rank checking. The options available are daily, 3 days, and weekly. Also, there are sub-tiers in each plan with different keywords tracking limits.

  • Optimum – This plan starts at $39/month and allows you to track ranks for 250 keywords for 10 websites.
  • Plus – At the same time, this plan starts at $89/month for tracking ranks of 1,000 keywords for unlimited websites.
  • Enterprise – At last, the plan starts at $189/month for tracking ranks of 2,500 keywords of unlimited websites.

3. Mangools – SERP Tracking Software

Mangools is yet another multi-functional SEO software that incorporates 5 different SEO tools under it. As a result of this SERP tools amalgamation, Mangools have managed to provide services to notable clientele including Alexa, Airbnb, Adidas, Deloitte, etc.

The 5 tools included in Mangools are KWFinder, SERPChecker, SERPWatcher, LinkMiner, and SiteProfiler. Out of these 5 tools, you would be needing SERPChecker and SERPWatcher for SERP analysis and rank monitoring, respectively.

Mangools - SERP Tracking Tool

Other SERP Tracking Features Of Mangools

  • If you are looking to boost your local reach and growth then you would need the SERPChecker tool for analyzing SERPs across any country or city. It includes 45+ SEO metrics.
  • Mangools’s SERPWatcher is one of the rarest SERP tracking tools that provide you daily alerts on your rank position.
  • It is an excellent tool for SEO agencies and freelancers as it allows you to share reports with your clients in the form of a link.


Since Mangools is an all-in-one SEO toolkit, you would have to purchase it as a single package (with a monthly or yearly subscription). So, along with SERPChecker and SERPWatcher, the other 3 tools will also be included.

Having said that, Mangools generously permits you to track unlimited domains. But the limits are applied to the number of keywords searched or tracked.

  • Mangools Basic – This plan would cost you $49/month ($29.90 when billed annually) to track SERP rankings of 200 keywords.
  • Mangools Premium – Similarly, you would have to pay $69/month ($39.90 when billed yearly) to check rankings for 700 keywords.
  • Mangools Agency – $129/month ($79.90 when billed annually) would allow you to monitor SERP rankings for 1,500 keywords.

4. Sitechecker – Search Engine Ranking Checker

Sitechecker is one of the most convenient tools for automatic monitoring of keyword rankings. It provides dynamic data on changes in ranking and indexing. In addition, it gives advice on how to improve the position.

It monitors positions in the four largest search engines in the world (Google, Yahoo, Yandex and Bing). When using the service, you can enter individual tracking settings and receive relevant data.

Other SERP Tracking Features Of Sitechecker

  • You can filter keywords by number in search results, by landing pages or their groups, by positions, etc.
  • You can set up sorting by the number of position changes (within 1-90 days) to find the most successful keywords.
  • You can work with requests in large numbers: upload, copy to the clipboard, delete, group, assign to landing pages.
  • Comparison of positions for a specified date range is available: just select it in a suitable calendar.
  • Convenient display of monitoring results: table with custom columns. They can be swapped, hidden, change relevance, etc.
  • Daily email sending of current monitoring results. Weekly newsletter of the most up-to-date position data.


Sitechecker offers one of the best prices in the monitoring service field. Tariff plans are divided by the number of sites, pages and keywords per account.

  • Basic from $29: Suitable for beginner SEO specialists and marketers. It allows you to work with 3 sites. Monitoring of up to 1500 pages and 150 keywords is available.
  • Startup from $49: A popular solution for small websites owners or professionals working with a few projects. Monitor up to 5 sites, up to 5000 pages and 500 keywords per account.
  • Growing $99: Suitable for medium-sized sites and promising companies. You can track up to 10 sites, 50,000 pages, and 1,000 keywords.

5. Wincher – The simplest keyword rank tracker

Wincher is a professional SERP tracking tool. If you’re tired of bulky tools with inaccurate data, try Wincher. It’s the simplest way to get the most accurate SEO data.

Unlike other tools, Wincher is super user-friendly. This tool includes all the essential features you need to be aware of your online performance, but at the same time Wincher has amazing UX and affordable price. Isn’t it the best price-quality rate?

Other Features Of Wincher

  • Daily updates of your online positions without exclusions. Wincher refreshes the data every 24 hours and also allows you to update your positions manually any time.
  • Advanced clustering. Group your keywords as you wish in order to get a clear view of your performance.
  • Free on-page SEO checker. Check the optimization score of each page for a specific keyword and get a list of precise recommendations on how to improve your results and rank higher.
  • Integrations with GSC, Google Data Studio and API.


Wincher pricing model is based on the number of keywords/domains you wish to track and features to have. Any plan allows you to add your teammates for free, get daily rank tracking updates and access to free and unlimited Keyword Research and On-Page SEO tools.

The lowest plan is Starter500. It includes daily rank tracking of 500 keywords and up to 10 domains. The price is very low for that quality – 29 EUR per month (approx. 32 USD)If you wish to track more or use advanced functionality (White-Label, On-demand Updates, API), we advise you to explore their Business or Enterprise plans. 

Use the WELCOME30 code at the checkout page to get 30 EUR off.

6. Pro Rank Tracker – SERP Rank Tracking Tool

Pro Rank Tracker is one of the most underrated SERP tracking software. It has been silently offering a top-notch SERP rank checking facility for a few years now. And, believe it or not, it has accumulated a loyal customer base of 60,000+ SEO professionals and agencies.

This application is known for its accurate SERP analysis and tracking feature as it is infused with a state-of-the-art algorithm. In addition to this, Pro Rank Tracker remains supremely easy to use despite using some advanced technology.

Pro Rank Tracker - SERP Tracking Software

Other SERP Tracking Features Of Pro Rank Tracker

  • Apart from international SERP rank tracking, Pro Rank Tracker is also able to analyze your site’s SERP performance on desktop and mobile devices.
  • Pro Rank Tracker will automatically update you every day about the latest change in your SERP rankings. Furthermore, it also allows you to make a demand for real-time SERP tracking.
  • This tool is also packed with a Rankings Discovery tool that tells you about the keywords (that you are not aware of it) for which your site ranks.


Pro Rank Tracker has one of the simplest and cheapest pricing plans. Moreover, there’s an additional 10% discount if you opt for annual billing.

Apart from this, all the pricing plans are divided on the number of sites and keywords used for SERP analysis and tracking.

  • Basic – $25/month for SERP tracking of 200 keyword terms of 1 website.
  • Starter – $49/month for SERP tracking of 500 keyword terms of 10 websites.
  • Standard – In this plan, price increases to $89/month for SERP tracking of 1,000 keyword terms of 20 websites.
  • Advanced – Similarly, in order to SERP track 2,000 keyword terms of 40 websites, you’d have to pay $129/month
  • Business – Lastly, this plan has variable pricing as it depends on the different keywords and site tracking limits. For instance, this plan starts at $180/month for SERP tracking of 3,000 keyword terms of 60 websites. As your keywords and site limits increase, your pricing increases too.

7. Advanced Web Ranking – Best SERP Software

When it comes to SERP and rank tracking, none could come close to the greatness of Advanced Web Ranking. This online application has been offering the best SERP tracking services for over 18 years now.

Due to this experience, many global agencies and organizations have opted for Advanced Web Ranking for their requirements. Moreover, many bloggers and websites have exclusively featured it in their articles.

Advanced Web Ranking Tool

Other SERP Tracking Features Of Advanced Web Ranking

  • This is one of the rarest SERP tracking sofware that provide SERP ranking data upon request, instead of automatically notifying every 24 hours.
  • Advanced Web Ranking tool is ideal for SEO agencies as it allows you to create insightful SERP tracking reports and share it with your clients without any hassle.
  • It offers you the liberty to check your ranks on up to 3000+ search engines. Also, if your desired search engine isn’t available, the Advanced Web Ranking team will add it.


Advanced Web Ranking has kept their pricing extremely affordable, despite offering such high-quality SERP tracking features. Talking about your expense, you have the option to secure monthly access or yearly access with a 10% discount.

Apart from this, all the plans allow you to create and manage unlimited projects (websites). Although, each plan has its own keyword rank tracking and feature limits.

  • Starter – $49/month will allow you to track SERP ranking for 2,000 keywords with competitor’s insights.
  • Pro – This plan would cost you $99/month and would enable you to analyze SERP for 7,000 keywords. The Competitor discovery feature is also included in this plan.
  • Agency – By paying $199/month, you are entitled to track SERP of 14,500 keywords along with their Historical Rankings. 1 hour – on-demand ranking feature is introduced in this plan.
  • Enterprise – This plan starts at $499/month for bulk SERP tracking needs. At this price, you would be allowed to track 35,500 keywords. Besides this, all the advanced features are also included.

8. AccuRanker – SERP Rank Tracking Software

By reading its name, you could very well estimate the efficiency of AccuRanker. Yes, it is one of the top-rated SERP tracking tools available in the digital market.

Unlike other tools that are mentioned in this blog, AccuRanker has been developed solely to provide SERP rank checking functionality. At this present moment, AccuRanker has excelled so much that companies like Ikea, Salesforce, McDonald’s, HBO, etc. have started using it.

Other SERP Tracking Features Of AccuRanker

  • The SERP ranks are updated every 24 hours in AccuRanker so that you know when and how to change your SEO strategy.
  • AccuRanker also provides detailed historical data of your overall SERP rankings. It surely enables you to track your organic performance.
  • It also allows you to track SERP ranking for unlimited domains, under one account. Also, you can invite as many team members or clients as you want.


AccuRanker has the most unique approach to their pricing plans. It offers all the features like multiple search engines positing tracking, monitors up to 10 competitors, etc. in its monthly and yearly plans. But restrictions are based on the number of keywords tracked for SERP rankings.

For example, the pricing for tracking 1,000 keywords are –

  • Monthly – $109 per month along with other features.
  • Yearly – You’d be billed annually at the rate of $99/month.

9. Serpstat – Free SERP Tracking Tool

Serpstat is another complete SEO software that offers SERP tracking tools along with other SEO tools like keyword research, backlink monitoring, competitor analysis, on-page site audits, etc.

It has earned a respectable position among major clients, SEO agencies, and professionals. Due to this, it has also managed to bag high ratings on many review-based websites.


Other SERP Tracking Features Of Serpstat

  • After analyzing SERPs, Serpstat’s algorithm recognizes your competitors and provides you with the necessary data in order to surpass them.
  • Serpstat also allows you to group similar keywords and track their SERP rankings.
  • It permits you to add unlimited team members or users and collaborate with them in order to improve your/their organic reach.


Serpstat, even though it offers the best SERP tracking tool, has kept its pricing pretty economical. Because of this, it has become the “Go-To” tool for freelancers, small businesses, and agencies.

Talking about the billing cycles, Serpstat offers monthly as well as yearly billing cycles with a 20% discount. And, of course, almost all the features are included but with certain restrictions.

  • Lite – $69/month will allow you to track 10 websites with 15,000 position checks every month.
  • Standard – This plan costs $149/month and provides SERP tracking for 50 websites with 60,000 position checks.
  • Advanced – $299/month will provide you the liberty to track 75 websites with 150,000 position checks.
  • Enterprise – Lastly, in order to track 100 websites with 300,000 position checks, you’d have to pay $499/month.

10. Morningscore – SERP Rank Tracking Software

If you are looking for one of the cheapest SERP tracking software then you’ve got to try Morningscore. This all-in-one SEO tool has been launched recently and still, it has left an everlasting impression on its free trial users.

Along with the SERP tracking tool, Morningscore is also packed with tools like keyword research, backlinks tracker, traffic analyzer, audits, etc.

Morningscore - Best SERP Tracking Software

Other SERP Tracking Features Of Morningscore

  • The keyword research tool is infused with the rank tracking tool. All you have got to do is add the required keywords and you will be presented with its search volume and your position on SERPs for that keyword.
  • Morningscore also provides insights into your overall ranking history in the form of a graph.
  • This SERP software is so smart that it predicts and analyzes how the change in keyword position will affect your incoming traffic.


Morningscore apart from its SERP tracking software is known for its cheap pricing plans. As of now, it offers 3 monthly and yearly plans with a 14 days trial period.

  • Lite – $49/month for tracking SERP of 5 websites and 100 keywords.
  • Business – This plan comes with a price tag of $79/month and permits you to track SERPs for 500 keywords and 25 websites.
  • Pro – At $149/month, the SERP tracking limit is increased to 2,000 keywords and 75 websites.

All Done. Now What?

Now that you have explored all the 7+ best SERP tracking tools for rank checking and SERP analysis, it’s finally the time to pick one.

If you are still unsure about the choices, I would encourage you to sign up for their free trials.

And, by the end of your free trial period, you would be able to make the decision.

As always, if you have any queries regarding the SERP tracking tools, feel free to drop them in the comments. I’ll make sure to solve them as quickly as possible.

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