5 Best Inventory WordPress Plugins 2020 (Free & Paid)

Want to sell your products online?


WooCommerce is the best plugin to sell products online. 

But WooCommerce doesn’t come with inventory management feature, for managing inventory in a great manner then you have to use Inventory WordPress Plugin.

All the Inventory plugins accumulated in the article offers advanced features that you need to manage your inventory.

Let’s take a deep dive into the blog.

1. Katana For WooCommerce Plugin

Katana is the best WooCommerce inventory management WordPress plugin which is specially created for the online marketers who want to manage their online store.

It provides you an intuitive dashboard where you can track your goods availability, finished items, create bills, schedule your goods for manufacturing and much more with an easy and simple drag & drop editor.

Katana - Inventory WordPress Plugin


  • Automated your inventory transactions
  • Manage multiple warehouses’ stocks from one place.
  • Manage goods manufacturing process status from start to in progress to complete.
  • This inventory plugin integrates with your favorite online applications from accounting to e-commerce.
  • Manage different products and materials easily.


Offers 14-day free trial. To free signup, you don’t need to enter credit cards details.Its paid plan starts from $99/month

2. Veeqo Inventory WordPress Plugin

Veeqo is another popular WooCommerce order and inventory WordPress plugins through which retailers can manage their online stores as well as multiple sales channels easily from a single dashboard.

This inventory plugin allows you to control how much stock displays on your website, update product details for multiple channels in a single place. When someone purchases your product from one of your stores, Veeqo will update all of your other stores as well.

Veeqo - Inventory WordPress Plugin


  • With Veeqo WooCommerce inventory, you can import your customer orders from all your online stores, eCommerce websites and retail stores  with a single click.
  • Create multiple warehouses and synced inventory across them in real time. 
  • By using a smartphone app, manage inventory from anywhere at any time.
  • Keep 100% accurate information across multiple warehouses and edit product information in a few clicks.


The starter plan starts from $180/month.

3. WP Inventory Manager

It is an open source inventory plugin for WordPress which offer powerful features to manage your inventory. It allows you to give permission to a specific person to add or edit items in your inventory.

This inventory plugin is perfect for car dealers, parts dealers and art collectors. By using this plugin, they will easily manage products, equipment, and more in their WordPress websites.

WP Inventory Manager WordPress Plugin


  • Supports multiple categories
  • Offer fully customizable labels
  • Add field and label according to your needs.
  • Make s separate database tables for faster database access


This is a free inventory plugin for WordPress.

4. WP ERP Inventory

WP ERP is another inventory WordPress plugin which offers customization options that let you handle everything just as you want.

This inventory management plugin provides complete overview of all the inventory products along with product code, buying & selling pricing, no of products are left in stock and a lot more.

WP ERP Inventory Plugin For WordPress


  • Allow to calculate all the sales/pre-sales tax without any complications.  All you have to do is configure the tax rate and all the job will be done by the plugin.
  • Import new products to inventory via csv file, this saves a lot  of time and efforts.
  • With inbuilt search functionality, you can search any products and goods in no time.


  • $79 – Single site
  • $159 – Up to 3 sites
  • $319 – Up to 10 sites
  • $799 – Up to 50 sites 

5. Z Inventory Manager

Z Inventory Manager is a free WordPress plugin for inventory management which manages your sales, orders, shipments, invoices and a lot more with the simple and easy to use plugin.

Z Inventory Manger Plugin For WordPress


  • Track  sales, orders, deliveries, and shipments 
  • In real time, manage inventory and check stocks availability.
  • Refill your stock levels by ordering more goods and material and track your arrive items with sales receipts.


It is a free inventory WordPress plugin.


I hope this blog will help you to find the best inventory plugin for WordPress website. Above mentioned all the inventory WordPress plugins are best whether it is free or paid. In paid plugin, you will get some extra add-ons if you need then you can go with pro versions.

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