10+ Best Mailgun Alternatives | Cheaper & Affordable

Do you want to switch from Mailgun to other service and looking for Mailgun alternatives?

If your answer is Yes then, you’ve landed on the right blog.

In this blog, we have mentioned 10 Best alternatives to Mailgun that you can choose to send transactional emails.

Moreover, all these Mailgun alternatives offer similar features at the lowest cost.

Before moving in the detail, here you will get a quick idea about the pricing tag.

Best Mailgun Alternatives Comparison

Emails Per MonthMailgunSendinbluePepipost
500,000$355Contact them$140

Note: Sendinblue offers 120,000 emails at $66 and 350,000 emails at $173.

Let’s get started:

1. Sendinblue – Best Mailgun Alternative

Sendinblue is one of the best SMTP relay services in terms of pricing, features, and deliverability. Also, the best alternative to Mailgun. It is a perfect option for any size of business cause it provides all the digital marketing tools at one place at an affordable price.

Sendinblue can be integrated with the WordPress site very easily.

Sendinblue - Best Mailgun Alternative


  • There are various setup options available including API, SMTP Relay, e-commerce plugin, & marketing automation. You can choose one of them which is most suitable for your application and customise your order confirmation mails, reset the password, and other notifications with ease.
  • Intuitive drag & drop editor that allows you to design professional in a few seconds. Also, offers ready-made email templates that anyone can customise according to their requirements.
  • Besides email marketing, it also offers SMS marketing and live chat functionality.
  • Automation is another interesting feature that automates the workflow. All you have to do is set the rules and conditions and the rest job will be done by the software automatically.


  • Free – Forever free plan where a person can send 9000 emails (300 emails/day) to unlimited contacts in a month for Free.
  • Lite – $25/mo ($22.50/mo with annual purchase) for 40,000 emails.
  • Essentials – $39/mo ($35.10/mo with annual purchase) for 60,000 emails.
  • Premium – $66/mo ($59.40/mo with annual purchase) for 120,000 emails and $173/mo ($155.70/mo with annual purchase) for 350,000 emails.
  • Enterprise – Contact Sendinblue sales team to get pricing quote.

2. SendPulse – Free Alternative to Mailgun

SendPulse is the multi-channel marketing service and most preferred Mailgun alternative as well. It has a user friendly and an initiative interface that makes the work easier for newbies.

SendPulse has gained popularity in the field of marketing by offering tons of features including email marketing, SMS, Web push notification, and transactional emails in one place.

SendPulse - Best Mailgun Alternative


  • With the help of SMTP API, you can send transactional emails to your subscribers directly from the Website, CRM and other applications that you are using. Moreover, if you want to send emails via SMTP Relay service then all you need to do is just put a server address, port, login, and credential of the SendPulse account into your application and you’re ready to go. 
  • Sendpluse gives a comprehensive report which shows delivery rates, open & clicks rates, inbox placement, spam complaints, and more. Keep an eye on these email metrics regularly to improve the performance of your marketing campaign. 
  • There is an option of SPF (Sender Policy Framework ) and DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail) record. These technologies prevent your email from being landed in spam folders


SendPulse offers both monthly and yearly pricing plans. 


  • 12,000 emails – FREE
  • 25,000 emails – $8.85/month ($69.03 yearly)
  • 50,000 emails – $16.85/month ($131.43 yearly)


  • 100K emails – $74.85/month ($583.83 yearly)
  • 2000K emails – $124.85/month ($973.83 yearly )
  • 300K emails – $174.85/month ($1,363.83 yearly)


  • 500K emails – $274.86/month ($2,260.83 yearly)
  • 1M emails – $572.85/month ($4,312.23 yearly) 
  • 2M emails – $960.85/month ($7,915.83 yearly) 
  • 5M emails – $1,719.85/month (13,414.83 yearly)

3. Pepipost – Cheap alternative to Mailgun

Pepipost is one of the cheapest alternatives to Mailgun that allows you to send 100,000 emails at $17 only. If you have a small business or startup, then we highly recommend Pepipost to you.

Pepipost - Cheap alternative to Mailgun


  • The real-time report shows delivered emails, opened, unsubscribes, bounces, spam reports, invalids, drops and everything that you need to know about your campaign performances. This actionable analytics helps you improve your next campaign performance.
  • Pro users can create multiple sub-accounts and can manage them all under the parent master account.
  • Its API and SMTP servers support HTTPs and TLS for secure communication.


  • Free Plan allows you to send 30,000 emails for the first 30 days after that you can send 100 emails/day for free.
  • $25/mo ($17.5 annual purchase) – 150,000 emails
  • $85/mo ($59.5 annual purchase) – 400,000 emails
  • $145/mo ($101.5 annual purchase) – 600,000 emails
  • $245/mo ($171.5 annual purchase) – 1,000,000 emails
  • $445/mo ($311.5 annual purchase) – 2,000,000 emails

4. Flowmailer – European Alternative to Mailgun

Flowmailer is the European transactional email delivery provider and most GDPR compliant alternative to Mailgun. It focuses on reliable infrastructure based in the European Union, to ensure high delivery rates and data governance.

Flowmailer already is the largest transactional email delivery service in the Netherlands and is gaining popularity in the rest of Europe for its reliability, their features, and expert support.



  • Using Flowmailer’s SMTP API, you’re able to manage all emails from your business sends out. Whether it be your website, CRM, ERP, CDP or else.
  • Flowmailer creates insight in every single email, so you know your basic open & click rates, as well as i.e. the exact time the email was offered to Flowmailer. This gives you all the details you need. 
  • SPF and DKIM records are required to start sending with Flowmailer. This not only ensures higher delivery rates, but also makes sure the platform can maintain the highest possible reliability. 
  • Additional features like archiving, PDF generation, bounce management et cetera make Flowmailer the most advanced platform for transactional communication.


Flowmailer offers both monthly and yearly pricing plans. 

Flowmailer Go! (All inclusive + licensing)

  • Starting at 25,000 emails for €89,-

Pro (all inclusive + licensing + expert phone support) 

  • Starting at 25,000 emails for €249,-


  • Contact sales

5. Kingmailer

Kingmailer is a simple alternative to Mailgun. It offers their SMTP service for transactional emails and email routing only.

It can be used for e-commerce sites, membership sites, news organizations and online forums.


  • Real-time results
  • Spam score checking
  • Handles spam complaints
  • Rest API
  • Email statistics
  • Message archiving & Logs


Get started with 14-days free trial. The price is based on 5,000 emails per month. Payments can be made using Bitcoin, Credit cards or PayPal.

  • $11.95/month
  • $59/year (58% discount)
  • $89/2-year (68% discount)

6. Inboxroad – Mailgun Alternative for maximum deliverability

Inboxroad is the best alternative to Mailgun when email deliverability is of importance to you. It specializes in getting optimizing delivery with the help of a dedicated account team, no matter the email volume.

Their team of experienced email deliverability specialists will make sure to get maximum deliverability for you. Inboxroad is all you need on the road to the inbox.



  • SMTP Relay & APIs – Connect to any front-end or custom email solution
  • Custom IP warm-up – Tailored warm-up schedule on your dedicated IP to ensure deliverability of over 99%
  • Dedicated support by personal deliverability expert – Maximise your email ROI with your support team
  • Ongoing monitoring by Inboxroad – Inboxroad will keep track of your performance, and support where needed


  • Basic – $69/mo for 100,000 emails
  • Pro – $139/mo for 250,000 emails
  • Premium – $349/mo for 1,000,000 emails
  • Custom – Contact Inboxroad to get a custom plan on volumes of more than 1,000,000 emails monthly

7. Moosend

Another alternative to Mailgun is Moosend which is again cheapest SMTP for sending transactional emails. It is a all-in-one marketing platform which offers several features such as landing pages, marketing automation, reporting & analytics, segmentation, subscription forms, and a lot more.

Moosend - Alternative to Mailgun


  • With drag & drop editor, you can create professional emails that gets more clicks.
  • Segments your emails list and can send personalised emails to each subscribers which make them feel more special.
  • Mooosend’s automation can connect with the major eCommerce platforms including WooCommerce, Zen Cart, Magento, PrestaShop and a lot more.


  • $10 for up to 2000 subscribers.
  • $20 for up to 3000 subscribers.
  • $30 for up to 5000 subscribers.
  • $40 for up to 8000 subscribers.
  • $55 for up to 10,000 subscribers.

 8. Elastic Email

Elastic Email is another reliable email delivery engine that takes less than 3 mins to configure. Simply create an account, get an API, and integrate the tools into your website or existing application. Now, you can start sending transactional and promotional emails to your subscribers with standard SMTP configuration in a matter of minutes.

Elastic Email - Alternative to Mailgun


  • It can be integrated with 3rd party solutions including Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Cloudways, Sendy, Mailpoet, Zapier,  easysendy and many more.
  • The real-time report has all the key metrics that help you to make more informed decisions on how to improve marketing campaigns performance and maximize ROI.
  • With Webhook, you will get a notification on important email events so that you will never miss any important stuff.


  • Email API – $0.09/1000 emails
  • Email API Pro – $0.10/1000 emails + $1 day

9. Postmark – Mailgun Competitors

Postmark is yet another one of the best Mailgun alternatives for sending transactional emails. Moreover, it includes ready-made email templates for transactional emails such as welcome mails, password resets, user invitation, thank you message, trial expirations, comment notifications that anyone can customise according to their needs.

Postmark - Mailgun Competitors


  • Postmark manages all the tricky stuff including IP reputation, blacklists, reverse DNS, feedback loops and other protocols on their end and make sure everything is configured perfectly in order to provide highest deliverability.
  • They have data centres in three different locations all over the world to ensure that you will never lose any emails. Moreover, it keep your data safe & secure using N+2 redundancy, latest encryption and security audits.
  • Its Webhooks automatically sent notification to your application about the message event like deliveries, bounces, opens, clicks, and spam compliant.


  • $10/mo for 10,000 emails
  • $50/mo for 50,000 emails
  • $100/mo for 125,000 emails
  • $200/mo for 300,000 emails
  • $400/mo for 700,000 emails

10. Amazon SES Cheapest Mailgun Alternative

Amazon SES is one of the cheapest alternatives to Mailgun as it charges you $0.10 per thousand emails. No one can beat Amazon SES based on prices. However, its interface is a little bit messy and working with API is a little harder.

Amazon SES - Best Mailgun Alternative


  • It packed with amazing features like content filtering technologies, dedicated IP addresses and a reputation dashboard which not only protects sender reputation but also ensures that your emails hit the customer’s inbox.
  • Amazon SES offers various methods to monitor your email campaign performance. It gives entire email response funnel details including the number of emails are sent, how many emails have delivered, how many recipients opened emails, how many recipients marked as spam, and much more.
  • Moreover, it can be integrated with other AWS services as well including AWS IAM, Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, Amazon SNS, Amazon WorkMail, AWS Lambda, Amazon CloudWatch, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, and more.


At $0, you are able to send 62,000 emails each month after that, you would be charged $0.10 per thousand emails you send.

11. Sendgrid – Another Competitor to Mailgun

Sendgrid is a cloud-based SMTP provider and another competitor to Mailgun. It offers SMTP relay and APIs through which you can connect with other cloud-based email services easily. It is a leading email infrastructure which is specially designed for transactional space.

Sendgrid - Best Mailgun Alternative


  • Design a professional & attractive email campaign using drag & drop editor. Besides, it has also built-in email templates that anyone can customize according to their business needs.
  • Real-time analytics report where you can see email campaign performance and track the behavior of the recipients. Also, with the help of Events and APIs features, you can customize the states effortlessly.
  • Sendgrid supports SPF, DKIM, CAN-SPAM Compliance, anti-spam regulations to provide the best deliverability rate.

Price Email API Plans

Free Plan – It is forever free plan where one can send 40,000 emails for first 30 days after that, you can send 100 emails per month.

Essential Plan

  • $14.95/mo to send up to 40,000 emails.
  • $29.95/mo to send up to 100K emails.

Pro Plan

  • $89.95/mo to send up to 100K emails.
  • $249/mo to send up to 300K emails.
  • $449/mo to send up to 700K emails.
  • $749/mo to send up to 1.5M emails.
  • More than 1.5M, you have to contact them.

Premier Plan – It is a custom plan, to get pricing quote you need to contact them.

12. Sparkpost

Sparkpost is the most trusted email delivery service and a great alternative to Mailgun. It has an easy to use, simple and smooth interface that can be easily understood by anyone. Moreover, it gives 99.99 uptime reliability.

Sparkpost - Mailgun Alternative


  • Offers plethora of features including powerful real-time analytics report, personalized responsive email templates, and a lot more.
  • Sparkpost’s powerful actionable analytics monitor bounces, spam complaints, and ISP responses. All these metrics help you to figure out the issues before they start creating critical problems for your business.
  • It offers numerous APIs and supports DMARC, DKIM, and SPF email authentication technology  to verify email addresses.


There are three paid plans offered by Sparkpost. Also, it provides a test account to discover the functionality of the tool.

  • Starter Plan –
    – $20/month for 50K emails.
    -$30/month for 100K emails.
  • Premier Plan –
    – $75/month for 100K emails.
    – $170/month for 250K emails.
    -$290/month for 500K emails.
    – $525/month for 1M emails.
  • Enterprise –  If you want to send 5M+ emails then, you have to contact them for a pricing quote.


Another one leader in the list of Mailgun alternatives is SMTP2Go. It has been playing in the email delivery field since 2006. It handles ISP throttling, blocked ports, blacklist monitoring, reverse DNS, DKIM, etc at their end and ensures that emails hit in the customers’ inbox.

SMTP2GO - Mailgun Alternative


  • They have a data center in multiple locations whether you are sending emails from the US or EU. Its intelligent path routing connects to the location that nearest to you so your mails will be sent faster.
  • Track the complete journey of your emails from start to end. Its robust report shows you which emails are bounced, which recipients unsubscribed or marked your mail as spam, and much more.
  • Moreover, it offers API for developers and include full example code in different languages as well.


SMTP2GO has 3 premium plans.

  • Free Plan – It is good for testing purpose and for those who have small email list. The plan allows you to send 1000 emails/month.
  • Starter Plan – $15/mo for 40K emails.
  • Professional Plan –
    – $75 for 100K emails
    – $170 for 250K emails
    – $280 for 500K emails
    -$520 for 1 Million emails
  • Premier Plan – To send 3+ million emails, you need a custom plan. For pricing, you have to contact SMTP2GO sales team.

Final Words

Above mentioned, all the Mailgun alternatives are best and affordable. Now, it’s completely depends on you what’s your requirement and how much budget you have.

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