10 Best Podcast Hosting Platforms to Consider in 2020 (Free & Paid)

Have you been dreaming to start your own podcast?

Well, with the recent rise of digital platforms and the hunger to consume digital content, starting a podcast is a wise choice. It is bound to explode with success.

But that’s easier said than done… “Why” – you ask?

Let me connect the dots for you by answering the question, What is a podcast?

In simple terms, a podcast is an audio series or episodes of audio documentaries in which you talk about certain popular topics.

But since these audio files have a humongous file size, it gets extremely difficult to simply upload and host your podcast on your website.

Hence you need the best podcast hosting services for this purpose.

What Is Podcast Hosting?

A podcasting hosting is a service that stores your audio files and other media files linked to your podcast.

Along with this, the podcast hosts also provide RSS feeds for your podcast.

Now, since there are a plethora of podcast hosting platforms to choose from, it becomes very difficult to find a decent service.

Don’t worry, I am going to list only the 10 best podcast hosting services to consider in 2020.

Let’s start our hunt –

1. Podbean

Podbean has been my personal favorite and overall the best podcast hosting service I could recommend to anyone.

It is being used by beginners as well as established podcasters across the world. I guess that’s enough to establish the credibility of Podbean.

What Makes Podbean The Best Podcasting Platform?

  • Supports both formats i.e. audio and video podcasts.
  • It is extremely easy to get started and use Podbean.
  • You can literally post or schedule your podcast episodes in a matter of clicks.
  • Podbean will not limit you on the number of downloads or episodes.
  • It also offers a free podcasting website along with its hosting service.
  • Podbean also facilitates seamless promotions by offering podcast distribution on Apple, Google, Spotify, etc.
  • A powerful embeddable player for your websites.
  • Social media sharing option an integration with Mailchimp.
  • Insightful reports to track your podcast’s performance.
  • A monetization method to start earning from your podcasts.
  • Android and iOS apps.

How Much Does Podbean Cost?

There are 4 pricing plans of Podbean and one of them is a forever free plan. In addition to all the awesome features it provides, the generous pricing plans make it one of the best free podcast hosting.

  • Basic (Free) – A forever free plan with 5 hours worth of storage space but with no monetization features.
  • Unlimited Audio – $9/month (when charged annually) for unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth.
  • Unlimited Plus – It starts from $29/month (when charged annually) with unlimited features.
  • Business – Starts from $99/month (when charged annually) with unlimited features and business podcasting features.

2. Buzzsprout

Coming second in the list of best podcast hosting services is Buzzsprout. Be it features, efficiency or ease of use, Buzzsprout won’t disappoint you in any way.

This podcast hosting service bloomed in the year 2009. And, ever since, they have helped over 100,000 peoples to start their own podcasts. If this doesn’t impress you then check out 5/5 star reviews on Capterra.

What Makes Buzzsprout The Best Podcasting Platform?

  • Easy to use and beginner-friendly podcast hosting platform.
  • It allows you to get listed in the top podcast directories such as Alexa, Google, Spotify and more.
  • Buzzsprout allows you to track your buzz (performance) via reports.
  • Flexible and embeddable podcast players for your websites.
  • Customizable player options to match your brand style.
  • One-click sharing of your podcast on social media.
  • Buzzsprout automatically optimizes your episode with bitrate, file type, etc.
  • A handy transcript option.
  • Suitable for you as well as your podcasting team.
  • Quick and easy ways to monetize your podcast.
  • Tons of other 3rd party integrations.

How Much Does Buzzsprout Cost?

Just like other best podcast hosting, Buzzsprout comes with a forever free plan and 3 premium plans. In addition to this, there are a couple of add-ons which are charged separately.

  • Free – A forever free plan that allows you to upload 2 hours worth of podcast content in a month. Also, the podcast files are hosted only for 90 days.
  • The subsequent plan will charge you $12/month and allows you to host 3 hours worth podcast episodes each month. This plan and also the higher plans will host your podcast indefinitely.
  • This plan will cost you $18/month to host podcast episodes (each month) of 6 hours in total.
  • Lastly, you would have to pay $24/month to host 12 hours worth of podcasting content in a month.

3. Blubrry

If you are looking to start a new podcast WordPress website and also host your podcast in a much simpler way then Blubrry is your safest option.

Blubrry is a complete platform that offers podcast hosting, managed WordPress hosting and PowerPress – podcasting WordPress plugin. So with everything available at a single place, it becomes easy to launch your podcast and most importantly, grow it. Ultimately this makes it the overall the best hosting for podcast.

What Makes Blubrry The Best Podcasting Platform?

  • Seamlessly integrate with your existing website or simply start a new one.
  • Works on a simple post-upload-publish podcast workflow.
  • Blubrry is also ideal for iTunes and Google Play podcasting.
  • It provides insights on your podcast’s statistics.
  • Free migration from other podcast hosts.
  • RSS feed for your podcasts.
  • A sleek and embeddable podcast player.
  • A free WordPress site.

How Much Does Blubrry Cost?

Unlike other best free podcast hosting, Blubrry only offers premium plans. But to offer maximum options they offer 5 premium plans. And, to provide the utmost flexibility, each plan is backed up with no-fault overage.

  • Small – $12 per month for hosting 100 Mb worth of audio podcasts.
  • Medium – $20 per month for hosting 250 Mb worth of audio and video podcasts.
  • Large – Similarly, $40 per month for 500 Mb storage.
  • Extra Large – $80 per month for 1,000 Mb storage.
  • Professional – To host podcasts of over 1,000 Mb, you must get in touch with the Blubrry sales team.

4. Transistor

As the name suggests, Transistor is one of the best podcast publishing and also the best podcast hosting services available in the digital space.

In spite of being a new entry in the realm of podcasting (started in 2014) Transistor has grown to be one of the fan-favorite podcast hosting services. All thanks to its awesome features and the team behind it.

What Makes Transistor The Best Podcasting Platform?

  • A go-to platform for podcast publishing and hosting for beginners.
  • It allows you to create unlimited podcasts.
  • Transistor offers a decent way to publish your content across various podcasting directories.
  • Just like other podcast hosting platforms, Transistor also provides an embeddable player.
  • Offers an easy way to track and monitor your podcast’s performance.
  • A free full-fledged podcast website.
  • Suitable for beginners as well as professional podcasters.

How Much Does Transistor Cost?

Unlike other best free podcast hosting platforms, Transistor does not have a forever free plan. However, it allows you to use the application for free for 14 days only. And, once your trial period is over, you may have to subscribe to its premium plans.

  • Starter – The Starter plan will cost your $19/month to create unlimited podcasts but with 10,000 monthly download limit.
  • Professional – You’d be charged $49/month to create and host unlimited podcasts with a 50,000 download limit in a month.
  • Business – Lastly, if your podcast download limit is under 150,000/month then you can host unlimited podcast episodes in $99/month.

5. Captivate

If you are a solo podcaster who is looking to start and most importantly grow your podcast then you must definitely try Captivate. It is one of the rarest and best podcast hosting services that focus on growing the reach of your podcasts.

Ever since it first launched in 2013, Captivate has been able to “captivate” some of the prominent users such as Harvard University, Santander, FinCon, etc. If they can trust Captivate with their podcast hosting requirements then so can you.

What Makes Captivate The Best Podcasting Platform?

  • Built not only to host but also to grow your podcast.
  • It is perfect for independent or solo podcasters.
  • Very simple to use and newbie-friendly.
  • It gives you the liberty to create and host unlimited podcasts.
  • Offers maximum exposure by listing your podcasts in various podcasting directories.
  • An easy way to migrate your podcasts to Captivate.
  • A smart podcast player with tons of customization options.
  • Easily embed the player on websites and even on social media profiles.
  • It comes with a WordPress plugin and other integration options.
  • Captivate allows you to add call to actions in your podcasts.
  • An insightful reporting section.

How Much Does Captivate Cost?

Unlike other best podcast hosting platform, Captivate only gives a 7 days free trial period. But this is compensated by cheap and value-packed pricing plans for podcast hosting.

  • Podcaster – A monthly charge of $19/month for 12,000 downloads per month.
  • Audio Influencer – $49/month for 60,000 per month downloading limit.
  • Podcast Brand – $99/month for up to 150,000 downloads per month.

6. Castos

If you have a website on WordPress then you are going to love Castos. This is one of the unique but best podcast hosting services that specialize in WordPress-based podcasting through its plugin.

One of the reasons for being the most famous WordPress podcast hosting is that it negates you from logging into your Castos account and upload the file. You can do this from within your WordPress dashboard.

What Makes Castos The Best Podcasting Platform?

  • Ideal for hobbyists, influencers and even small businesses.
  • One of a kind WordPress-based podcast host.
  • It allows you to publish and host unlimited podcast episodes.
  • It promises to offer unlimited storage space and bandwidth.
  • Castos also provides easy to understand reports about your podcasts’ performance.
  • Provides automatic podcast transcriptions.
  • Republish your podcast content to YouTube.
  • Also offers customizable and responsive podcast pages.
  • Autopublishes on various podcast directories.

How Much Does Castos Cost?

In spite of being the best podcast hosting platform that offers a WordPress plugin, its pricing plans remain significantly on the cheaper side. You can use Casta free for 14 days after which you may have to get a premium plan.

  • Starter – You’d have to pay $19/month for hosting unlimited audio podcasts.
  • Growth – This plan will cost you $49/month and will include the video YouTube republishing feature.
  • Pro – You’ll be charged $99/month and get to use all the features including video podcast hosting.

7. Libsyn

Libsyn is the oldest podcasting platforms available to us. Due to this experience in the podcasting industry, it is also considered to be one of the best podcast hosting services.

Ever since its launch in 2004, Libsyn has been able to be the official podcast launch partner for some of the big guns like Pandora, Spotify, Radio.com, etc.

What Makes Libsyn The Best Podcasting Platform?

  • Most experienced and powerful podcast host.
  • It provides easy publishing and broadcast on podcast directories.
  • Libsyn is also known for its advanced podcast analytics.
  • Statistics based on geographic location, social media, and downloads.
  • Offers perfect optimization for Apple podcasts.
  • Tons of third-party integrations.
  • A customizable podcast player.
  • Dedicated apps for Android and iOS devices.
  • An array of monetization tools

How Much Does Libsyn Cost?

Libsyn, in spite of being the oldest podcasting platform, does not offer a free plan. If you want to use it then you may have to subscribe to any one of the 4 premium plans.

  • Classic 50 – $5/month for 50Mb storage space.
  • Classic 250 – $15/month for 250Mb storage space.
  • Advanced 400 – $20/month for 400Mb storage space.
  • Advanced 800 – $40/month for 800Mb storage space.

8. Simplecast

Simplecast has been simplifying the approach to broadcast and manage your podcast episodes for almost 7 years now. This experience definitely makes it one of the best podcast hosting services.

If you are having doubts about employing Simplecast for your podcasting needs, you’d be relieved to know that big guns like Facebook, Twitter, Nike, etc. use this application.

What Makes Simplecast The Best Podcasting Platform?

  • Simplecast provides all the necessary features to start and grow your audio podcasts.
  • It allows you to create and host unlimited podcasts.
  • Broadcasting and easy distributions in podcast directories.
  • It provides an extremely flexible podcasting website with a custom domain.
  • Permits you to manage multiple shows in just a single account.
  • A sleek, embeddable web player.
  • Unique analytics and reporting module.
  • RSS feed.

How Much Does Simplecast Cost?

Simplecast can be regarded as the best hosting for podcast if you only have audio content. Its pricing plan is built around the 14 days free trial period which is followed by subscribing to any of the 3 paid plans.

  • Basic – $15/month to create and host unlimited podcasts with 20,000 monthly download limit.
  • Essential – $35/month for everything in the Basic plan, 50,000 monthly downloads, and more features.
  • Growth –  $85/month for all the advanced features and 120,000 monthly podcast downloads.

9. Podcast Websites

Podcast Websites is yet another best podcast hosting service that focuses on WordPress podcasting. This platform is managed by many esteemed podcasters.

Another great thing about Podcast Websites is that it will guide its users i.e. you through every step and process of getting started with a podcast. And, not to forget, there’s complete access to Podcast Websites Academy if you use this service.

What Makes Podcast Websites The Best Podcasting Platform?

  • Complete platform to launch and grow your podcast.
  • Create and host unlimited podcast shows and episodes.
  • Offers a podcast specific theme with drag & drop editor.
  • It also grants you the liberty to create unlimited website pages and blog posts.
  • You also have the option to publish to various podcast directories.
  • In addition to podcast hosting, you also get complete website hosting with SSL certificates and SEO tools.
  • Advanced statistics to measure your podcast’s performance.
  • Podcast Websites Academy access.
  • Tons of integration options.
  • Free podcast hosting migration.

How Much Does Podcast Websites Cost?

Unlike other best podcast hosting platform, Podcast Websites only offers a 7-day free trial. Moreover, the pricing plans are also on the expensive side. But if you see the value included in these plans, you may consider the pricing to be fair.

  • New – $77/month when paid annually.
  • Popular – $97/month when paid annually and access to Podcast Websites Academy.

10. Audioboom

If you are a resident of the Asian continent then you may have probably heard of Audioboom. It is considered to be one of the best podcast hosting services of the South Asia region.

Audioboom has been proudly offering its podcast hosting services to some big and reputable companies like Netflix, 20th Century Fox, Samsung, etc.

What Makes Audioboom The Best Podcasting Platform?

  • Ideal for broadcasters, publishers or radio stations.
  • It offers dynamic ads insertion based on the listener’s geographic location.
  • Audioboom allows you to upload unlimited audio podcasts in a month.
  • Ability to promote your podcast across podcasting directories.
  • Advanced yet easy to grasp analytics.
  • Easy to embed podcast players.

How Much Does Audioboom Cost?

Unfortunately, Audioboom does not have a free plan. But to compensate this, the Audioboom team has devised a couple of generous pricing plans.

  • Podcasters – $9.99 per month for unlimited podcasts but with 10,000 plays in a month.
  • Podcast Pros – If you expect to get over 10,000 plays for your podcasts, the Audioboom team invites you to get in touch with them for custom pricing.

Wrapping Up

Well, there you have it – the 10 best podcast hosting services to consider in 2020.

If you are just starting your podcast, the majority of the above-listed podcast hosts offer a free plan. It would be easier and much economical for you to get started.

Alternatively, if you already have your own podcast and looking to change your host then I would personally recommend either Podbean, Buzzsprout or Transistor.

As always, if you think I may have missed any other best podcast hosting platform, feel free to drop it in the comments section.

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