10+ Best Web Hosting Services For Small Business [2022 Edition]

What are the chances that you are looking for the best web hosting service to launch your new website?

If you are reading this blog then I can assume that it is fairly high…

And, since websites are known to be the best way to create an online presence, I strongly support your decision.

All you are required to do now is find reliable host services and choose the best among them.

But it is tougher than it seems…

With different types of web hosting services available, you are vulnerable to choose the wrong one.

So to supervise and help you with choosing the right web hosts, I am enlisting 10 best web hosting services for small business.

But before that, allow me to throw some light on –

What Is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is an online service that allows you to host your website on the internet by storing your website’s files and information on special servers.

So, whenever an internet user tries to find your website, the internet connects to your web hosting servers and then these servers display your website to that user.

And, just like real estate, your house has an address, similarly, your website also has an address that is represented by a domain name (almost all the web hosting services offer a free domain name registration along with the hosting plan packages).

What Are The Best Web Hosting Services? (A Quick Overview)

Here’s a quick rundown of all the best web hosting services featured in this blog –

  1. Bluehost
  2. SiteGround
  3. WP Engine
  4. A2 Hosting
  5. Kinsta
  6. Cloudways
  7. Hostinger
  8. GoDaddy
  9. Savvii
  10. HostGator

Now, let’s explore each of them in detail –

1. Bluehost – Cheap Web Hosting Service

Bluehost is the default and most recommended hosting service available in the market. If you are just starting out or even looking to migrate your existing website, Bluehost is the best bet.

If you are concerned about its reliability then let me tell you that WordPress itself recommends this. And, the stuff that makes it the best web hosting service is its performance of 99.99% uptime and 405ms response time.

Other Reasons To Pick Bluehost Web Hosting

  • If you want to use WordPress for your website then Bluehost will help you set it up in 1 click. Moreover, it also comes with the “WP Pro” that offers website analytics, security, marketing tools, and backups.
  • Each Bluehost plan will include a free domain registration (for 1 year) and a free SSL certificate.
  • Talking about the add-ons, you have the option to include premium features like CDN, Domain Protection, Spam Protection, etc. by paying nominal fees.

Bluehost Pricing Plans

Bluehost has been the “go-to” web host for beginners as well as professionals. That’s what makes Bluehost the best shared web hosting.

  • Basic – $3.95/month for 1 website with 50 GB SSD storage and unlimited bandwidth.
  • Plus – $5.95/month for unlimited websites, unlimited storage, and bandwidth.
  • Choice Plus – $5.95/month for unlimited websites and advanced features.
  • Pro – $13.95/month for unlimited websites, advanced features, and dedicated IP.

2. SiteGround – Cheapest WordPress Hosting

SiteGround is the only other best web hosting service that is officially recommended by WordPress.

And, it very well comes true to expectation by delivering a whopping 99.99% reliable uptime and 673ms minimum response time.

SiteGround – Cheapest WordPress Hosting

Other Reasons To Pick SiteGround Web Hosting

  • From simple yet reliable web hosting. SiteGround is also known for delivering managed WordPress, WooCommerce, and cloud hosting at competitive prices.
  • In order to provide cutting-edge hosting experience, SiteGround uses Google Cloud.
  • Every site hosted over SiteGround is protected by all the possible types of brute-force attacks through its AI software.

SiteGround Pricing Plans

Just like other best web hosting services, SiteGround too has multiple hosting packages and plans. But if you want to start your new website with SiteGround then its web hosting plans will be adequate for you.

  • StartUp – $3.95/month for 1 website with 10,000 monthly visits, 10GB storage and free SSL certificate, CDN, email, etc.
  • GrowBig – $5.95/month for unlimited websites with 25,000 monthly visits, 20GB storage, and more features.
  • GoGeek – $11.95/month for unlimited websites with 100,000 monthly visits, 30GB storage, and other advanced features.

3. WP Engine – Best Hosting for WordPress

If you are devoted to starting or running your website on WordPress, WP Engine is the ultimate service to provide managed hosting for WordPress.

This unparalleled WordPress hosting is backed up by tons of awesome features that come for free. Some of them include the Genesis framework, a global CDN, SSL certificate, compatibility with the latest version of PHP and more.

WP Engine – Best Hosting for WordPress

Other Reasons To Pick WP Engine Web Hosting

  • Since StudioPress themes are a part of the WP Engine community, you get all the 35+ premium templates for free with any hosting plan purchase.
  • If you are an agency or an enterprise, the WP Engine is backed up with an easy solution to transfer ownership.
  • WP Engine fosters fast and speedy website hosting. And, to offer such speed, it uses a fully managed global CDN and data centers across the globe.

WP Engine Pricing Plans

If you are exploring WP Engine for the first time then you may think that the pricing is a bit expensive. But when you see the value of each plan then you may realize that the pricing is well justified.

  • Startup – $25/month for 1 site with 25,000 monthly visits, 10 GB storage space, 50 GB bandwidth, etc.
  • Growth – $95/month for 10 sites with 100,000 monthly visits, 20 GB storage space, 200 GB bandwidth, etc.
  • Scale – $241/month for 30 sites with 400,000 monthly visits, 50 GB storage space, 500 GB bandwidth, etc.
  • Custom – For higher and enterprise-level needs, WP Engine invites you to get in touch with their support team.

4. A2 Hosting – Cheap Hosting Provider

A2 Hosting has been one of the most underrated hosting providers known to the general audience. Not many marketers or bloggers talk about this hosting but they secretly host their own website over it.

If you don’t believe this then allow me to tell you that its uptime is recorded at 99.93% and minimum load time 317ms. As per me, this is better than most of the so-called best web hosting services.

A2 Hosting – Cheap Hosting Provider

Other Reasons To Pick A2 Hosting Web Hosting

  • A2 Hosting is a unified platform for shared, WordPress, VPS, reseller and dedicated hosting services. No matter which hosting you are using, A2 Hosting allows you to easily upgrade or downgrade your hosting package.
  • Unlike other best shared web hosting, A2 Hosting offers unlimited storage, site migration, backups, SSL certificate and other features for free.
  • A2 Hosting optimizes all types of CMSs like WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Joomla, etc. for maximum speed and performance.

A2 Hosting Pricing Plans

There are separate plans for each type of hosting packages. But shared hosting plans have the best value for beginners as well as experienced users.

  • Lite – $3.92 per month for 1 website with unlimited storage, free SSL, etc.
  • Swift – $4.90 per month for unlimited websites with automatic backups and 2X resources, etc.
  • Turbo – $9.31 per month for unlimited websites that want 20X enhanced speed.

5. Kinsta – Best Web Hosting Service

Kinsta has emerged as one of the best managed WordPress hosting services in the hosting market. All thanks to its 10 years of experience in WordPress web hosting.

So, if you are obsessed with starting or managing a website with WordPress, choose Kinsta as your hosting provider. It provides up to 200% speed optimization.

Kinsta - Best Web Hosting Service

Other Reasons To Pick Kinsta Web Hosting

  • It uses some of the optimal technology like Nginx, the latest version of PHP, MariaDB, etc. to reduce your website’s loading time.
  • Apart from being speedy, Kinsta never compromises on security as it continuously monitors uptime, DDoS attacks, etc.
  • Unlike other best web hosting services, Kinsta offers a free website migration. To top this, Kinsta provides your newly migrated site a temporary domain to check if everything is working fine. And, once they are satisfied, you can take your website online once again.

Kinsta Pricing Plans

Great features come at a reasonable price and it’s the same with Kinsta. In addition to being economical, Kinsta is offering numerous plans for flexibility. And, to add more value, they are offering free SSL and CDN.

  • Starter – $30/month for 1 WordPress install with 10 GB SS storage and 20,000 monthly visits.
  • Pro – $60/month for 2 WordPress install with 20 GB SS storage and 40,000 monthly visits.
  • Business 1 – $100/month for 5 WordPress install with 30 GB SS storage and 100,000 monthly visits.

And, these plans continue from Business 2 – 4 and Enterprise 1 – 4.

6. Cloudways – WordPress Hosting Service

As the name suggests, Cloudways is one of the prominent names among the best cloud hosting services. It offers you the option to choose from 5 different cloud providers i.e. Digital Ocean, Google Compute Engine, Amazon Web Service, Linode, StackPath and Vultr.

Furthermore, Cloudways doesn’t fail to impress as they include a free SSL, CDN, automated backups, free site migrations and other advanced features in every plan.

Cloudways - WordPress Hosting Service

Other Reasons To Pick Cloudways Web Hosting

  • It is a unique cloud hosting service that allows you to install unlimited applications i.e. WordPress, Magento, etc. and is perfectly compatible with the latest versions of PHP, MySQL, and MariaDB.
  • Cloudways has a unique “Auto Healing” feature that resolves website crashes. Also, to speed up your WordPress site’s performance, it comes with a free cache plugin.
  • If you have a team or if you like to collaborate, Cloudways offers a team management module, a seamless Git integration and also a staging area.

Cloudways Pricing Plans

While you may be astonished by such awesome features of Cloudways, it’s normal to assume that the prices may be expensive. But it’s completely the opposite. Cloudways offer 4 very cheap “pay as you go” plans and this places it in the list of best web hosting services.

  • $10/month for 1 GB RAM, 1 core processor, 25 GB storage and 1 TB bandwidth.
  • $22/month for 2 GB RAM, 1 core processor, 50 GB storage and 2 TB bandwidth.
  • $42/month for 4 GB RAM, 2 core processor, 80 GB storage and 4 TB bandwidth.
  • $80/month for 8 GB RAM, 4 core processor, 160 GB storage and 5 TB bandwidth.

7. Hostinger – Cheapest WordPress Hosting

Hostinger is literally the cheapest hosting service that leaves no stones unturned in providing the best web hosting services. Not only it is cheap, but it is also easy to get started with Hostinger.

Speaking about the performance, the uptime is recorded at 99.92% with 350ms minimum load time. With these stats, it is perfect for all WordPress sites.

Hostinger - Cheapest WordPress Hosting

Other Reasons To Pick Hostinger Web Hosting

  • If you are a newbie and don’t know how to host a website then opt Hostinger. It is built specifically for beginners like you.
  • All of your WordPress sites will be effortlessly managed and optimized by Hostinger’s LiteSpeed cache. With this, you would never have to worry about the site’s loading time.
  • Hosting is also serious about your site’s security. So it enables Cloudflare protection on your sites to negate any possible hacking attempts and attacks.

Hostinger Pricing Plans

In spite of being the cheapest among the lot, Hostinger does not include a free domain name registration and a free SSL certificate in its cheapest plan (Single). However, all the subsequent plans still remain pocket-friendly.

  • Single Shared Hosting – $0.99/month for only 1 website and limited bandwidth of 100GB.
  • Premium Shared Hosting – $2.89/month for unlimited websites, unlimited emails, unlimited bandwidth and more.
  • Business Shared Hosting – $3.99/month for unlimited websites with 4X allocated resources, LiteSpeed cache, daily backups, and other advanced features.

8. GoDaddy – WordPress Hosting Service

In the past 5 years, GoDaddy has risen to the point where it is considered to be one of the best web hosting services available for startups and small businesses.

Many bloggers believe that it’s because of their strong marketing strategy. But I believe that the boost in GoDaddy’s adoption rate is due to its performance. It’s recent stats read 99.97% uptime with 554ms load time.

GoDaddy - WordPress Hosting Service

Other Reasons To Pick GoDaddy Web Hosting

  • The GoDaddy is suitable for beginners who could not invest much. It offers a free domain, Office 365 email, DDoS protection, etc. for free.
  • If you want to dig deeper, apart from simple web hosting, GoDaddy is also known for offering best managed hosting for WordPress, VPS and reseller hosting.
  • GoDaddy boasts about installing 125+ apps in a single click if you use the cPanel/Linux hosting.

GoDaddy Pricing Plans

Since there are many types of hosting and other add-ons offered by GoDaddy, it becomes difficult to talk about each of them. Having said that, here’s a brief summary of Godaddy’s web hosting plan –

  • Economy – $5.99 /month for 1 website with 100GB storage and unmetered bandwidth.
  • Deluxe – $7.99 /month for unlimited websites with unlimited storage and unmetered bandwidth.
  • Ultimate – $12.99 /month for unlimited websites with unlimited storage, 2X processing power, and a free SSL certificate.
  • Maximum – $19.99 /month for unlimited websites with unlimited everything and advanced features.

9. Savvii – Hosting Provider

If you reside in Europe and looking for reliable hosting for your WordPress website then Savvii has got you covered.

Savvii has made its way to being the best managed hosting for WordPress for European users. And, even if you live somewhere else, Savvii has all the required features to provide you the best web hosting services.

Savvii - Hosting Provider

Other Reasons To Pick Savvii Web Hosting

  • Savvii specializes in providing the utmost WordPress hosting. This means that if you choose Savvii as your web hosting provider then your WordPress websites are bound to be optimized and load fast.
  • Unlike other best web host providers, Savvii allows you to test its hosting capabilities for 14 days, absolutely free. Moreover, Savvii also provides VPS too.
  • In addition to all the advanced features (available as per plans), Savvii offers free SSL certificate, malware detection, staging, site migration, automated updates for free.

Savvii Pricing Plans

With so much of productive features and proven track record to offer, Savvii has its pricing plans on the higher side. Also, the plans are separate for 1 site and multiple sites.

For 1 site

  • Shared One – €35 per month for shared hosting with 10 GB storage.
  • VPS One – €79 per month for VPS of 20 GB storage.
  • VPS One L – €129 per month for VPS of 65 GB storage.
  • VPS One XL – €229 per month for VPS of 160 GB storage with Varnish cache and Memcached.

For multiple sites

  • Shared Five – €79 per month for shared hosting for 5 websites with 25 GB storage.
  • VPS Ten – €174 per month for VPS of 65 GB storage for 10 websites.
  • VPS Twenty – €279 per month for VPS of 160 GB storage for 20 websites.

10. HostGator – Web Hosting Service Provider

Another most recognizable name among other best web hosting services is HostGator. It is liked and trusted by many esteemed bloggers and businesses due to its value-packed packages.

But the thing that steals the show is its performance. The uptime has been improved drastically and recorded at 99.99% with 399ms response time.

HostGator – Web Hosting Service Provider

Other Reasons To Pick HostGator Web Hosting

  • A breathtaking service for WordPress web hosting that also includes free domain name, unmetered storage space & bandwidth and free SSL certificate.
  • If you already have a website and looking to migrate your hosting provider then HostGator will do it for free. Many web hosting services charge you for this amenity.
  • Along with this, HostGator is also known for providing tons of add-ons like website security, daily backups, subdomains, access to cPanel & webmail, etc. While most of these come for free or at a basic charge.

HostGator Pricing Plans

The reason behind being one of the best WordPress web hostings is its pricing plans. HostGator has made sure that it includes all the necessary features either for free or at a cheaper price.

  • Hatchling – $2.75 per month for a single domain with unmetered storage and bandwidth.
  • Baby – $3.95 per month for unlimited domains, unlimited storage, and unlimited parked domains.
  • Business – $5.95 per month for unlimited everything and a dedicated IP.

What’s Next?

Now that you have explored the list of 10 best web hosting services for small business, it’s time for you to choose one for your new site.

Rest assured, each of the best web hosting services mentioned above has a proven track record and simply won’t disappoint you.

But if you are still confused and want my personal recommendation then here it is –

  • Bluehost, SiteGround or Hostinger – For beginners or startups
  • HostGator or A2 Hosting – For small businesses
  • Kinsta or WP Engine – For managed WordPress hosting –
  • Cloudways or A2 Hosting – For Cloud Hosting

Lastly, if I have not mentioned the web hosting service which you are using and satisfied with it, feel free to drop them in the comments. And, don’t forget to mention its good and bad points (if any).

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