5+ Best Chatbot Software & Platforms In 2021

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In this piece, I am going to review 5+ best chatbot software & platforms and see how they may help you increase customer engagement on your website.

To learn about the finest AI chatbot tools, read on.

5 Best Chatbot Software & Platforms In 2021

1. ChatBot

ChatBot is one of the best chatbot software & platforms that gives you everything that you need to create and launch a chatbot on your website or business.

It is a very simple and easy to use chatbot platform that comes with drag and drop functionality, which makes it very easy for beginners to build a chatbot for a site even without having any coding experience. Apart from that, to make your task super easier, they also provide prebuilt templates for different events, which can be customised as per your business needs, so that you can create and launch chatbots in a matter of minutes.


  • In order to automate your workflow, they provide open API and webhook integration that helps you connect with third party applications so that you can connect them with your favourite tool easily.
  • Moreover, it allows you to track chatbot performance to see which of your stories is the most popular and which is the least one.
  • Within the chatbot web app, you may test your stories as you create them to ensure that your chatbots work properly before allowing them to interact with users.
  • The ChatBot uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning to understand human speech and respond to users in a more personalised way.
  • It can be connected with various communication platforms like websites, LiveChat, Messenger, Slack, etc., so that you can provide better support for your visitors and ensure that you are always available to them.


The Chatbot builder has a 14-day free trial that can be used to learn more about the Chatbot’s features before purchasing its premium plans. However, there are four paid plans available that you can choose as per your business requirements.

  • Starter: $50/month ($42/month with annual subscription)
  • Team: $149/month ($126/month with annual subscription)
  • Business: $499/month ($424/month with annual subscription)
  • Enterprise: In order to get the pricing quote, you need to contact them.

2. Freshchat

Freshchat is another AI-powered chatbot software developed for all kinds of businesses’ sales, marketing, and support teams. With Freshchat, you can install AI-enabled chatbots on the website or business to assist customers in resolving their inquiries, no matter what channel they are interacting with you.

  • Freshchat can be connected with any messaging app like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, Telegram, Line, etc., so that you can easily manage all the conversations from one place. Moreover, it easily connects with the applications that you are already using.
  • Also, you can keep an eye on your bot performance and optimize it to improve its efficiency.
  • With a single click, you may effortlessly forward the conversation to live agents.
  • You can transform your bot into a multilingual customer service agent by uploading scripts in any languages.


Get started with the free plan to learn more about the Freshchat. Besides free plan, they offers four paid plans with 21 free trial.

  • Sprout – It is a free plan.
  • Blossom – $15/month/agent
  • Garden – $29/month/agent
  • Estate – $45/month/agent
  • Forest – $69/month/agent

3. Collect.Chat

Collect.chat is a simple and easy to use Chatbot builder that lets you build a user-friendly chatbot for your WordPress site or blog in a matter of minutes. You can replace boring forms on your site with an interactive chatbot to engage more and more visitors to your site. 

In order to embed Chatbot on your website’s page or post, you have to install its WP Plugin on your website, then either you can use short-code or simply copy & paste the link of the bot inside your post or pages.

Collect.chat offers a free plan that comes with limited privileges. If you want to get the full features, then you can look at their premium plans as well.


  • It is a simple and easy to use chatbot plugin that just takes a few minutes to set up a chatbot on your site.
  • It is a fully automated and easiest tool with Drag and Drop functionality.
  • They provide free templates that anyone can use to build a chatbot for themselves.
  • Collect.chat is available in a variety of languages. In a matter of minutes, you may begin developing a chatbot in any language, including French, German, Spanish, and other languages.
  • Its built-in statistics and metrics enable you to better understand your consumers and their needs.
  • These bots are easy to install and will be available 24/7 to boost the engagement of your visitors..


Along with their forever free plan, Collect.chat offers three paid plans to you that can be billed monthly and annually. However, if you buy their yearly subscription they will give you 3 months for Free.

  • Free – Collect Chat provides a forever free plan with limited features. However, it allows you to create unlimited bots inside an account along with 50 responses per month, responses & insights, and appointment booking features,
  • Lite – $24 per month ($18/month with a yearly subscription )
  • Standard – $49 per month ($35/month with a yearly subscription )
  • Plus – $99 per month ($69/month with a yearly subscription )

4. WP-Chatbot Builder

Aside from customer service and live chat, there are other benefits to incorporating a Facebook Messenger Chatbot into your website. You can use the WP-Chatbot Builder plugin to integrate a Facebook Messenger Chatbot into your WordPress site. There are choices for both automated and live chat. Using the Handover Protocol, you can transfer an ongoing chat to a live human agent.

One of many benefits of this plugin is lead generation, as well as engaging website users, which leads to increased conversions. Webmasters can use it to retarget customers and reduce cart abandonment rates. You may combine the benefits of Facebook Messenger Marketing and chatbots with BotMyWork’s WP-Chabot Builder.

This WordPress plugin is compatible with the following integrations: 

  • All Zapier Integration.
  • Integration with WebHooks.
  • Google Sheets

WP-Chatbot Builder Includes the Following Features:

  • Coding-free environment to build a conversation bot.
  • Make flowcharts for conversations.
  • Use Questions-and-answers to teach your messenger bots.
  • Generate leads
  • User Data is collected for retargeting customers.
  • Customer segmentation is supported.
  • Send customised messages in response to client feedback.
  • Send bulk messages using Messenger Broadcast.


  • Basic: Free
  • Pro: $9/month
  • Premium: $99/month

5. Landbot.io

Landbot.io is another best chatbot software & platforms that lets you build chatbots for your website, social media, and business using drag & drop chatbot builder. Its features are designed to meet the demands of creators of all levels and backgrounds, from beginners to experts who wish to unleash their creativity.

It even offers ready-made templates for various scenarios, like new product launch, job application, lead generation, etc, that you can customise to make it your own, or just design your own chatbot by yourself from scratch without even having coding experience.


  • They have pre-built templates for every event, making the task of creating bots much simpler. You can build a bot for event registration, lead generation, product launch, job application, and other purposes in a couple of minutes.
  • It can be integrated with tools like Google sheets, MailChimps, Stripe, Zapier, Google Analytics, Stripe, and many others.
  • Other than the web, Landbot chatbot software allows you to build chatbots for WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger as well.
  • Integrating with WordPress is super easy.
  • No coding is needed to create sophisticated conversational flows with the Landbot drag-and-drop builder. It allows you to work quickly and easily with little effort.


Apart from the free plan, Landbot.io offers three premium plans, namely Starter, Professional, and Business, and they all come with a monthly and yearly subscription. You can get started with their 5-day trial to try out their premium features before making a purchase.

  • Sandbox – This is a free plan that offers basic features and lets you manage 100chats/month, which could be a good option for those who have just started out.
  • Starter – $36/month (500chats/month)
  • Professional – $95/month (2500chats/month)
  • Business – This is a custom plan that can be customised as per their customer’s requirements.

6. Tidio

Tidio is a great option for small and medium businesses that want to build exceptional customer service. It’s a complete communication and marketing tool allowing one to provide an unforgettable customer experience while putting in little effort.

Adding Tidio Chatbots to a website can be done in 5 minutes, and no coding is required. At the same time, the bot is easily customizable so that the widget can blend with the look of any website and answer all requests in its own unique way that you create. All interactions are located in one panel, and there is also a mobile application available to simplify the processes. 


  • Integrations with the most popular selling platforms like Shopify, WordPress, Wix, Woocommerce, and more. 
  • Tidio is easy to use with all CRMs and email marketing platforms. Additionally, there is a Zapier integration available. 
  • IOS + Android applications. 
  • Chatbot templates for lead generations, welcoming new visitors, returning visitors, leaving-page visitors, abandoned cart discounts, and more.
  • Multiple languages.
  • No-coding design and customization.


  • Freemium version (Live chat + Chatbots) – 0 EUR/month. Includes up to 3 live chat operators, 100 unique reachable visitors, unlimited chats, desktop and mobile applications, visitors information, 3rd party app integrations, and JavaScript API.
  • 39 EUR/ month. Includes all free features + unlimited unique reachable visitors, unlimited active chatbots, chatbot templates, visual chatbot editor, and Zapier integration. 

Conclusion: Best Chatbots Software & Platforms

Now that you have gone through best chatbot software & platforms. I would recommend that you join up for the free trial and see whether it is a good fit for you before committing.

I hope you’ve been able to find an AI Chatbot that will meet all of your requirements.

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