5 Best Website Speed Tester of 2020 (Free & Paid)

Want to optimize your website speed?

As we all know, website speed is the most important factor to rank in Google.

Here, we mentioned some Benefits of fast loading websites:

  • Higer ranking in SERPs
  • Higer conversion rate
  • Lower bounce rate
  • Increase average session duration
  • Overall better experience
  • Increase user engagement rate
  • and so on.

To monitor and optimize the speed of the web page, we need “Website Speed Tester” that analyzes our site performance and gives a detailed report to improve it.

So now, its time to jump into the list of the best and free Website Speed Checkers:

1. GTmetrix Website Speed Test Tool

GTmetrix is one of the most popular website speed tester and performance optimization tools. It is a completely free website speed testing platform that generates a report on your web performance & provides recommendations to improve it as well.


  • GTmetrix’s report created on the basis of these key metrics includes Google PageSpeed, YSlow score, page load time, total page size and total # of requests, and more. These metrics will help you to improve the performance of the page.
  • With GTmetrix, you can analyze your website loading from 28 servers and 7 regions across the globe.
  • It passes your web URL on to actual android device in order to get real world performance result of your page load.
  • Check your site load time in different browsers.
  • Allows you to disable ads to get to know the site loading speed with tor without ads.
  • Moreover, you can also check your site on various simulate devices such as Dial-Up, 2G/3G, DSL or Cable.

2. Google PageSpeed Insight

PageSpeed Insight is another well-known website speed optimization tool launched by Google. It checks your site speed for mobile as well as desktop.

Additional, it gives the recommendation to enhance the performance of your page such as the need to optimize the images or minify CSS/Javascript.

PageSpeed Insight team launched a new page speed test tool that analyzes your page speed for a mobile device on 3G or 4G connections. Moreover, it generates a report that you can share with your team members as well.


It is a completely free website speed test tool.

3. Pingdom Website Speed Checker

Pingdom is easy-to-use website speed test tool specially designed for webmasters and web developers to optimize the speed of the web pages.

It is a cost-effective and reliable tool which helps you to speed up your site by identifying what about a website slow or fast.


  • It uses over 70 global polling locations to check and validate customers’ websites 24/7 throughout the year.
  • Pingdom sends you an instant alert via push notification, email, or SMS when your site gets down or not open to any clients. Moreover, it also offers a customizable altering option through which you can configure the notification setting.
  • With Pingdom, you will get to know about every element that you need to optimize for a better user-end experience.
  • The page speed tester lets you check the speed of your website from four main locations including Stockholm Sweden, Dallas Texas, USA, Melbourne, Australia, and San Jose, California, USA.
  • Get an overview with additional data such as no. of request per domain, which types of content gets more requests, size analysis, size per domain (compare your domain and CDN assist size easily), and a lot more.


Pingdom offers flexible plans for small companies to large enterprises.

  • Standard – $45.95/mo ($42.12/mo on annual payment) for 50 uptime end point monitors, 3 advanced monitors (transaction or page speed), 5,00,000 real user monitoring (RUM) pageviews, and 1 user login
  • Advanced – $89.95/mo ($82.45/mo on annual payment) for 80 uptime end point monitors, 5 advanced monitors (transaction or page speed), 1,000,000 real user monitoring (RUM) pageviews, and 3 user login
  • Professional – $249/mo ($228.25/mo on annual payment) for 250 uptime end point monitors, 25 advanced monitors (transaction or page speed), 5,000,000 real user monitoring (RUM) pageviews, and 10 user login
  • Enterprise – From 500K to 5M pageviews in a month, you will get in touch with them.

4. Uptrends Google Webpage Speed Test

Uptrends is a complete website monitoring solution that monitors your website, server, and API from 217 locations across the world. It is trusted by 30,000 popular companies like Bitly, Vimeo, Zendesk, Microsoft, etc.


  • This free page speed test tool that categorizes reports into two sections such as, water breakdown fall and domain groups. The domain groups contain different sources like CDN, social, ads, first-party overall, 1st party statistics, and third party overall.
  • Moreover, with it, you can also keep an eye on your mail server uptime like SMTP, POP3, IMAP from the external perspective.
  • Uptrends easily detect web performance issues roots in Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer (IE). It also sends alerts on load time and shows errors in the waterfall report.

5. Dareboost – Page Speed Test Tool

Dareboost is another website speed test tool that allows you to check the performance of your site and provides recommendations where improvement will be needed.


  • Dareboost performs pages speed test from 14 different location over the globe.
  • Run the speed test of your webpage and as it generates a report of your website speed where you can see major indicators of technical performance like Speed Index, Start render, loading time, break down of the requests, and much more.
  • With the Dareboost, you can also compare your website performance with the competitors and find out the strengths & weaknesses to optimize the web pages.


Dareboost has three premium pricing plans:

  • Configure Your Own Plan – $26/month ($22/mo annually)
  • Business – $68/month ($57/mo annually)
  • Performance – $427/month ($356/mo annually)


It is a good idea to check your website performance regularly and improve your web page performance over time. As you can see, we almost covered best webpage speed tester tools that you can choose from. All free & paid website speed tester tools are worth to invest.

What your web page speed should be?

The ideal time to load your website is 2s to 3s. If your website take more than in 3 seconds in loading then, you have to optimize your page speed because more loading time increases the bounce rate.

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